Pantegane e sangue : romanzo breve / Wu Ming

Pantegane e sangue : romanzo breve / Wu Ming. - primavera 2000
di Redazione Antenati - domenica 15 maggio 2005 - 4203 letture

Rats and Blood. In a Disney universe gone insanely adrift, Mickey Mouse is a former corrupted cop and a lonesome fascist psychopath. Goofy is a junkie shooting up skag all the time. The city is verging on a civil war between anthropomorphic (humanlike) and zoomorphic (beastlike) animals. Mickey investigates the activities of the Real Panther Party and those of a mysterious pan-Africanist gangster, a Hippopotamus called Ntumbi. Finally, in a sequence inspired by David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, our hero finds out that the world he lives in is not the real world.

Testo rtf, versione italiana.

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