Ti chiamerò Russell / n+1

Ti chiamerò Russell : romanzo breve / n+1. - 10/01 - 04/02. - 1a ed. Bacchilega, Imola 2002
di Redazione Antenati - domenica 15 maggio 2005 - 3387 letture

I Will Call You Russell. This short novel is the result of an experiment in on-line collective writing. WM2 wrote the first and last chapter, the other ones were written by assorted websurfers and selected by a jury in a literary kangaroo court. "Russell" is a secret agent . He travels the world looking for strange medical cases and unprecedented deaths. When he finds them, he links them arbitrarily and makes up new, imaginary epidemics which can be used for the purpose of social control. His best invention was a sexually transmitted disease with a short acronym as a name, back in the early Eighties. Now he’s looking for something else and...

Testo rtf, versione italiana.

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