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The OpenHouse Library

by Redazione - Sunday 3 December 2023 - 424 letture

We have brought together in the Library the various Funds accumulated over the course of our activities. The Library consists of a collection of paper volumes (about 15 thousand volumes), ebooks and digital material, audio material on vinyl, CD and other media; a newspaper library; an archive containing documents and historical material. The material is catalogued (or in the process of being catalogued) and available for consultation on the premises, also by prior arrangement.

The Library is accessible to OpenHouse members and in the manner provided for in the Library Regulations.

ISIL Code: IT-SR0106

Founding libraries is like building public granaries again, amassing reserves against a winter of the spirit that, from many indications, I see coming. I have reconstructed a lot, and to reconstruct means to collaborate with time, in its aspect of ’past’, to grasp its spirit or to modify it, to extend it almost towards a longer future; it means to discover under the stones the secret of the springs (Marguerite Yourcenar, Memories of Hadrian)

Page updated: 3 December 2023

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