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POLAND: No Revolution: European Parliament after the Elections

PISM Bulletin no. 73 (1319)

Taken from PISM website

by Emanuele G. - Monday 3 June 2019 - 1456 letture

The Polish Institute of International Affairs presents the next issue of the PISM Bulletin: No Revolution: European Parliament after the Elections by Melchior Szczepanik.

The result of the European elections reflects an evolutionary change of the political situation in the EU. The Eurosceptic camp has grown, but its limited coalition potential means that it will not be able to gain significant influence over the decisions of the European Parliament (EP). The Christian and Social Democrats, dominant in the previous term, although weakened, together with the liberals and/or Greens, will maintain control over the most important posts and the direction of the Union’s development. The gradual deepening of integration is therefore likely to continue.

Please find the Bulletin here.

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