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POLAND: Kaczynski may soon return to the government

June 14, 2023

Courtesy of The Warsaw Voice [website:]

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Jaroslaw Kaczynski, chairman of Law and Justice and leader of the ruling coalition, is said to be seriously considering a return to government, exasperated by deepening conflicts within the United Right.

According to unofficial information from, the Law and Justice chairman would become Deputy Prime Minister, which he already was in 2020-22, when he served as Deputy PM and chairman of the Committee on National Security and Defense Affairs.

Although Kaczynski has yet to make a final decision on the matter, key PiS politicians were said to have already communicated the possibility. Reports indicate that if it were to happen, it would happen in the next few weeks. "According to our interlocutors from the PiS camp, Kaczynski, by throwing around such an idea, may want to test the reactions of a group of his closest associates. And discipline them," the portal wrote.

Kaczynski’s return to the government would entail the demotion of all the other deputy prime ministers: [Culture Minister] Piotr Glinski, [Defense Minister] Mariusz Blaszczak, [State Assets Minister] Jacek Sasin and [former Agriculture Minister] Henryk Kowalczyk. Only Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki would then remain in the leadership of the Council of Ministers, along with Kaczynski as deputy PM.

The leader of the right-wing coalition that has been in power for the past eight years is said to be already irritated by the disputes taking place within the coalition - primarily the conflict between Morawiecki and [Justice Minister, leader of junior coalitionist Sovereign Poland] Zbigniew Ziobro or the prime minister and Sasin.

Kaczynski has repeatedly spoken of "internal polls" that are expected to give the ruling party around 40% support. For many months, however, no poll has given PiS an independent majority. There is also concern that the opposition may have mobilized after the June 4 March.

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