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BOSNIA: Bosnia Names Srebrenica Genocide Suspects After Five Arrested

Jasmin Begic * Sarajevo * BIRN * September 14, 2023 * 13:47

Ratko Vujovic, Milovan Ognjenovic, Vitomir Pepic, Ljubomir Vlacic and Zeljko Dupljan, all former Bosnian Serb Army officers or soldiers, were arrested this week on suspicion of involvement in the mass killings of Bosniaks in 1995.

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di Emanuele G. - giovedì 14 settembre 2023 - 628 letture

The Bosnian state court told BIRN that it has imposed measures restricting the movements of five suspects arrested for alleged involvement in the Srebrenica genocide, named as Ratko Vujovic, Milovan Ognjenovic, Vitomir Pepic, Ljubomir Vlacic and Zeljko Dupljan.

The prosecution had requested custody remands for all five men, but the court rejected this.

On Tuesday, officers from Bosnia’s State Investigation and Protection Agency arrested the five suspects in the Zvornik, Sekovic, Han-Pijesak, Vlasenica and Bileca areas.

They are suspected of participating in the capture and murder of around 70 Bosniak men and boys, as well as one woman, on July 15, 19 and 23, 1995 at Jarovlje in the Vlasenica area, and at two locations in the Bisine-Sekovici area.

The prosecution said that the suspects also carried out activities to remove the bodies of the people who were killed, including making arrangements to get machinery for the task.

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