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POLAND: German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter to perform in Warsaw

26.04.2024 * 15:30

Courtesy of Polskie Radio [website:]

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World-famous German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter is set to perform at the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall on Friday and Saturday with special concerts marking the 30th anniversary of the death of Polish composer Witold Lutosławski.

The programme includes Lutosławski’s Interlude, Partita (in a version for violin and orchestra) and Chain II for violin and orchestra.

The last two works were written specially for Mutter, whose extraordinary talent, as Lutosławski said in 1988, was an inspiration for his "compositional endevours."

Mutter reciprocated Lutosławski’s sympathy, saying: “He has opened up for me the world of contemporary music, showing to me the whole range of the colours of the violin sound, of whose existence I was not aware.”

In the two concerts in Warsaw, Mutter will appear alongside the Warsaw Philharmonic under its Music Director Andrzej Boreyko.

In addition to Lutosławski’s music, the programme includes the orchestral version of Smetana’s String Quartet in E minor From My Life.

During her spectacular worldwide career spanning almost five decades, Mutter has given many concerts in Poland featuring Lutosławski’s music.

She was intended to be the dedicatee of his violin concerto, but this was left unfinished at the time of the composer’s death.

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