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UKRAINE: Focus on war in Ukraine

Courtesy of Council on Foreign Relations (USA), East Journal (Italy), Jeune Afrique (France) and Transitions (Czech Republic)

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Top of the Agenda

Russia Bombards Eastern Donbas as World Bank Chief Warns of Global Recession

Russia has focused its offensive in the eastern part of Ukraine’s Donbas region, shelling several towns and moving toward encircling the cities (RFE/RL) of Syevyerodonetsk and Lysychansk, Ukrainian officials said. A pro-Russia official in eastern Ukraine said that Russia-backed separatist forces are holding thousands of Ukrainian prisoners (France24).

As the war enters its fourth month and its pressures on food and energy prices mount, World Bank President David Malpass warned that a global recession (Sky News) will be difficult to avoid. Malpass also cited slower growth in China, which has enacted harsh lockdowns to prevent COVID-19 cases from rising. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticized proposals from Western commentators that Ukraine should accept territorial concessions to end the war.

* Analysis

“With [Russia’s] troops and equipment dwindling, the battle for the Donbas is likely to be the last major offensive of the war,” the New York Times’ Marco Hernandez, Josh Holder, and Jon Huang write.

“The signal that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is serious about negotiations is when he stops accusing Ukraine and the West of staging atrocities, such as those at Bucha, to thwart diplomacy. Until then, talking about all the painful compromises Ukraine will have to make for peace will only divide a country that the United States has every reason to help,” CFR’s Stephen Sestanovich writes.


Un paese diviso? Lingua e identità etnica in Ucraina

Oleksiy Bondarenko

Mag 30

Qual è l’identità etnica degli ucraini? E’ davvero un paese diviso? Quanto conta la lingua nell’identificarsi come russi o ucraini? Un articolo del nostro Oleksiy Bondarenko

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Guerre en Ukraine : « Alger n’a pas les moyens de proposer une alternative au gaz russe »

L’Algérie peut-elle jouer un rôle politique et économique dans le contexte du choc pétrolier et gazier provoqué par l’offensive russe en Ukraine ? Le point de vue d’un spécialiste des relations entre Moscou et le monde arabe.

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What happened: Russian forces are making minor but steady gains in heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine over the past several days, though Ukrainian defenses remain effective overall, according to numerous media accounts and the latest report from the Institute for the Study of War think tank. Indicating that Russian President Vladimir Putin could not be trusted, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson today asked: "How can you deal with a crocodile when it’s in the middle of eating your left leg?" Bloomberg reports. “Putin at great cost to himself and the Russian military is continuing to chew through ground in Donbas, he’s continuing to make gradual, slow but I’m afraid palpable progress," Johnson added.

More context: Ukrainian authorities have admitted being outnumbered and outgunned by Russia in eastern Ukraine and said the war in Donbas is at “maximum intensity,” DW reports. The city of Severodonetsk is at the center of intense attacks by Russia forces, with at least 1,500 people killed and 60% of residential buildings destroyed in the city since the start of the invasion, according to the mayor, Euronews reports. The death toll from Russia’s indiscriminate bombardment of Kharkiv yesterday has risen to nine dead – including a five-month-old baby – and 19 injured, The Guardian reports. A Ukrainian presidential adviser said today that Russia was using the heaviest non-nuclear weapons possible.

Worth noting: The first independent report of its kind has concluded there is a serious and imminent risk of genocide by Russian forces in Ukraine, CNN reports. Signed by over 30 legal scholars and genocide experts, the report cites voluminous examples of civilian massacres, forced deportations, and dehumanizing, anti-Ukrainian propaganda from top Russian officials. Kyiv has said that hundreds of thousands have been forced into Russian "filtration camps" in eastern Ukraine and then transported into Russia as part of a systemized program of forced removal, The Moscow Times reports.


Central Europe and the Baltics

* A Lithuanian crowdfunding campaign launched two days ago to buy Turkish military drones for Ukraine has already raised 2.5 million euros, 50% of the goal, according to LRT and an announcement by the Lithuanian prime minister on social media today. The Ukrainian military has used the Bayraktar TB2 drones to devastating effect against Russian forces in the ongoing war.

* Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees in Latvia are being moved to cheaper housing after the government cut funding for refugee support, LETA reports. Many of the 570 refugees were in a “panic” after several tourist facilities said that they can no longer afford to accommodate them due to Riga’s cuts in daily housing support per person from 20 euros to 15 euros, and food support from 15 euros to 10 euros. Authorities in Riga assured the refugees that new housing would be provided, according to the article.

Eastern Europe and Russia

In a case from a court in a remote region in southern Russia, 115 national guardsmen were dismissed this week after refusing to take part in the war on Ukraine, The Moscow Times reports. The case in the military court of Russia’s southern republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is apparently the first official confirmation of soldiers refusing to join the invasion, according to the article.

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