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Tibetan Tantric Yoga

Online Practical Initiation Course

Starting with 3rd April 2019

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This course offers an in-depth presentation of the tantric Tibetan tradition Vajrayana and its esoteric basis (Mahasiddha Yoga) as well as broad practical teachings in the secret methods and revelations of the most important schools and spiritual treatises of Tibetan tantrism: Mahamudra, Dzogchen, Hevajra, Bardo, Chod, Chakrasamvara, Yogini Tantra etc. The course includes a vast array of effective spiritual techniques and methods of Tibetan tantrism, such as:

– Revelation of the mystery of the so-called “intermediate states” (Bardo): cultivation and integration of such states into our spiritual practice as exceptional opportunities of attaining states of divine ecstasy (samadhi) and spiritual enlightenment;

– Initiation from a modern perspective, which includes quantum physics, parapsychology, but also other areas of contemporary thinking, in the traditional methods of spiritual accomplishment and conscious shifting into higher, godly conditions of existence, based on Bardo-Thodol treatise, which includes, inter alia:

– Transformation of the moment of death and the period immediately following it into a tremendous opportunity to attain immediate enlightenment;

– Revelation of the secrets of various stages and steps of permanent transition from physical life to the subtle spheres/realms of existence; – Achieving of knowledge as well as the practical capacity to help spiritually and guide human beings in the worlds beyond;

– Tantric eroticism, a fundamental path of achieving godly condition; esoteric tantric methods;

– Revelation of tantric secret methods of subtle identifying communion with certain superior, sublime female entities (Dakinis) in the view of achieving spiritual perfection as well as extraordinary abilities and beneficial occult capacities – including the exemplary Shakti condition (in the case of women) and the exemplary Vira condition (in the case of men);

– Tantric techniques and methods correlated with the latest scientific findings – conscious integration of lucid dream conditions and oneiric experiences as exceptional paths of spiritual awakening;

– Techniques of awakening and activation of the so-called “subtle mystical heat” (Tumo) as essential inner alchemical factor of spiritual transformation;

– Revelation from a new perspective of various tantric methods of conscious astral projection and temporary transference of consciousness (Phowa) into other forms and areas of existence;

– Initiation into certain fundamental mantras of beneficial occult action and fast spiritual awakening;

– Many other advanced tantric practices of fast spiritual self-transformation.

How the course will unfold

Every week you will be sent a link and password to connect you to the recording of the lesson.

The link will be available one week and you may access it any time you wish during this time interval.

Approximately every secomd month, a live online Q&A meeting will be organized with Nicolae Catrina, as a bonus.

Payment details

The price of the course per month is 50€. The price includes 4 or 5 audio lessons per month and the bonus online live meeting.

For students who attend the Kashmir Shaivism Online Course (and pay the full fee) the price forthis course is 30€.

Payment methods


Make your payments with PayPal. It is free, secure, effective. *3.4% + €0.30 PayPal fee included

2. Credit/Debit card/Bank transfer


For more information please contact us: 0040732233377 |

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Tibetan Tantric Yoga

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