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The Wrong Approach to Mind Control And Mental Manipulation

by Crystal - Tuesday 25 February 2014 - 1375 letture

by Advaita Mihai Stoian

Mind Control – What Is Wrong in Reality?

Is mind control wrong in itself or is the direction in which it is applied wrong? So much talk nowadays about the “bad guys” controlling the masses through mind control. But is it not true that someone else can control your mind only if you do not control it yourself? If you “drop” the control of your mind, anyone else can“pick it” up and use it. The problem is not to keep people away from other people’s mind, the problem is to bring back people in control of their own mind – and then, nobody else can control it. Mind control – the question is “who is doing it?” and not “are we doing it or not?” What is the mind control referring to? Is it right to push forward the idea that controlling the mind is always wrong? How about controlling our own mind?

Basically, the one that has the control decides upon what course the action can take. Therefore the one controlling the mind will have the options and in order to make things right the owner of the mind should be the one controlling it. This is the essence of what i was calling “Spiritual immunity”, a reliable solution to protect the citizen against any attempt of manipulation. Once you get control upon your attention and concentration, nobody can manipulate you anymore.

Watch full talk on: Who is holding the remote control of your mind?

(Extracts from the annual International Conference for Spiritual Human Rights, Copenhagen 2013.)

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