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The (Two Legged) Elites and the (Massive) Masses

by Crystal - Tuesday 6 August 2013 - 1160 letture

By Advaita Mihai Stoian

New Mass Manipulation Techniques Level

This post is intended to open a discussion about the situation of most people nowadays and about the mental patterns which are being “injected” through propaganda into their heads so that they stop reacting to the surrounding reality and develop what may be called self censorship:

Watch the animation with Prikoke

Nowadays, the constant employment of mass manipulation techniques has led to the development of a self-induced oppressive system so that people no longer need others to imprison them since they have become their own guardians. This prison is invisible to the naked eye (although there is also an increase in the number of physical prisons meant for those unwilling to accept the induced “reality”) and therefore it can easily pass for “politically correct” concepts and “modern” life principles which actually structure, inside the mind of people, genuine fortresses of ignorance, prisons of the soul, where suffering passes for inert happiness, lacking any horizon or perspective, and is and remains the sole available point of view.

Demonic Forces and The Voice of the Consciousness which Seeks to Awaken Us

Within this frame the Prikoke animation is a true lesson for those who can still react. We can observe this lesson at the level of the individual, as well as at the level of the individual as a member of society. In the case of the individual, the” two legged creatures” represent the temptations and the demonic forces which confine him to the ignorance of a unique and indisputable well-being.

The mechanisms used by the “creatures” to maintain the individual within the boundaries of a miserable life of ignorance are the fear of losing what he has already and the fact that he does not know which his options are. The ignorant man defends fiercely his own cage because he is under the impression that his cage protects him from the evil outside. Therefore he prefers to fantasize about life and the vast horizons he could reach, but everything around him is built in such a way that he will never actually leave the trough and the warm meal in it. All the dreadful consequences of this inert and ignorant attitude are concealed by the immediate needs and by the apparent benevolence of these forces which provide us with “everything we need”, but only as long as we do not discover the true and profound needs of our soul, because then we realize that we had stupidly been content with pigs’ feed.

The voice of the cat in the story of Prikoke is in fact the voice of the consciousness which seeks to awaken us before it is too late. At the individual level, the lesson of Prikoke is clear and tough: wake up, Prikoke before it is too late and take action because otherwise you will go through the tragic experience of sacrifice. When the demons that have tempted you to live an inert life of indulgence will come for you they will take away everything that you were given and leave you once more with nothing. This lesson is just as valid for the individual as a member of society – for the great mass of people who live on the “feed” of state propaganda and are no longer able to react when they are spoken about freedom and about the dangers they face unless they wake up and escape the cage prepared for them by the elites – “the two legged creatures”.

The trans-national elites, who see themselves above the ignorant masses for the simple reason that they are able to fool them and to entrap them into mental pig sties, are creatures who only think of their own good. They cunningly disguise themselves as leaders of opposing parties, in order to infiltrate all the structures of the state and to pursue their protocols with utmost perseverance.

One of the greatest illusions which the “two legged creatures” sell to the billions of Prikoke is the “highest good”. They suggest that the “highest good” comes from outside (the first big manipulation) and cannot be questioned without running the risk of being labeled as a terrorist, an extremist, and so on. This “good” is actually the one they chose, and in order to make the illusion complete, any other good is violently removed from the vicinity of the victims.

Prikoke can be seen almost everywhere in modern society – he shouts “conspiracy theory” at any living thing who tries to warn him that he lives a life of miserable compromise and ignorance, and that he is being intentionally given the pigs’ feed. The nowadays Prikokes have a bigger cage, which often includes a house, a car, a family and even some space to move around. Still on a mental and spiritual level, the soul of the Prikokes is confined to the same narrow trough we see in the cartoon. It is worth reflecting on this reality and considering that we might also be in that situation.

The lesson is always the same: wake up Prikoke and follow your heart to freedom because the time of sacrifice is coming close and the two legged creatures (the world elites) will come and take away everything that they have given you! Who has eyes shall see and who has ears shall hear!

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