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SLOVAKIA: Progresívne Slovensko wins exit polls

Seven to eight parties may get into parliament, according to published exit polls.

Compiled by Spectator staff

Courtesy of The Slovak Spectator [website:]

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Seven political parties may get into parliament, the Focus exit poll for TV Markíza shows.

Progresívne Slovensko, a liberal party led by MEP Michal Šimečka, came first in the poll. Smer, a populist party led by former three-time PM Robert Fico, came second in the poll.

The left-wing party Hlas, the populist coalition party OĽaNO-KÚ-ZĽ, the liberal party SaS, the far-right party Republika and the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) would also win parliamentary seats.

Sme Rodina, which currently holds seats in parliament, may stay out of the parliament after this year’s election. In recent weeks, the party has been falling in public opinion polls.

The ultranationalist Slovak National Party (SNS) would not win any seats, either. The SNS has been growing in recent polls.

The Focus exit poll was published shortly after 22:00. Due to the election moratorium, the results were published as “blind” - without the names of political parties.

Focus approached 20,000 people right after they cast their vote.

The second exit poll, published by the public broadcaster RTVS, shows that Progresívne Slovensko also came first in this poll. Smer came second.

According to this poll, eight parties would make it to parliament. Unlike the SNS, Sme Rodina (3.3 percent) would not be among them.

The poll for RTVS was conducted by the Median SK agency, surveying 16,805 voters.

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