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ROMANIA: Rock Filarmonica Oradea a way to spirituality

Interview to Alexandrina Chelu about the wonderful workd of Rock Filarmonica Oradea
di Emanuele G. - lunedì 25 novembre 2019 - 3309 letture

Since various years I’m in contact with such pure Romanian jewel. I mean Rock Filarmonica Oradea. Every time I receive the crafts of their genius I tend being more optimistic concerning the future of mankind. Poetry, music and arts help a lot and are gift to feel in a more human dimension. That the reason I’m very proud to host an interview to them. Let spirituality accompany our trip on this lonely planet...

When did you found the Rock Filarmonica Oradea?

"Rock Filarmonica Oradea became a syntagma in 1993, when the musician Florian Chelu first organized a great concert –The Beatles (cover) with local rockers and the philarmonic of Oradea (a big city in western Romania). After many other concerts like Santana, Nirvana, Simon & Garfunkel, Doors, Bob Dylan etc, Florian Chelu started to work only with values in universal culture. After that, he continued a huge work on music put on poetry – Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Eminescu, Rimbaud, Louise Labe, romanian poets, italian poets etc."

Can you talk about the very first moments of your ensemble?

"The first moment was a huge and important concert in front of the President of Romania, at the garden of the Precidency in 1998, where Florian Chelu brought in the capital of Romania almost 60 artists to sing rock music. Many decorations, diplomas or medals for this cultural work also brought hope and trust in value – in the best cultural demarches in the world."

Which are the reasons bringing you to found your musical project?

"Discovering values, bringing to light literary works through music, theater, or other cultural demarches, and also carrying in the soul that feeling of being proud of your own identity in a multicultural world."

Is the Rock Filarmonica Oradea a simple musical band or a musical project?

"Rock Filarmonica Oradea is a musical project – not only music or poetry, but history, identity, education, cooperation in the multicultural life."

Which are the most relevant facts of your history?

"Being constant, independent, for the benefit of the society, despite politics, malice, envy, poverty or fullness, is maybe the most sincere and profound feeling. Our constructions of the most beautiful cultural projects made all this happen: THE MUSICAL SONNET. Building a value system in art is like building a new map on Europe, for example: where is Italy, you may put on the map – Michelangelo, where is Great Britain, you may put on the map – Shakespeare, where is Romania – you may put on the map Mihai Eminescu. This is how you can build a new cultural face of the world. And this is how a romanian composer, like Florian Chelu, tried to change this cultural map, through sonnet (the perfect poem), through music on two mesures from Bach (the perfect music) – so the MUSICAL SONNET by similarity with LITERARY SONNET."

How do you succeed in mixing various kinds of music?

"Through education, a little bit of talent and a lot of work and study. Above work and study is the love for art, identity and real culture. You may work or study, but without a good intention, you can`t build anything. More than being a composer, Florian Chelu is an orchestrator and a cultural researcher, so it`s very important for him to know every musical instrument, every combination, every possibility to transform music. You may sing a SONNET with a voice and a guitar, but you may also sing a SONNET with a whole orchestra."

What is the role of texts in your music?

"The role of texts in our music is maybe the most important cultural message. A beautiful voice, a warm violin or a sensitive guitar are the construction of the beauty of the song, but the text and the writer are the essence, the beggining. Before being original, we start digging up the origins."

Why do you put in music well-known poems?

"This is a way to bring value to a cultural creation and is a king of education. People around will hear famous or less famous poems through music. Music is universal and the most loved art in the world, so it`s the perfect combination in art."

Will music and poetry lead human mankind towards freedom and serenity?

"Art, generally, should make people better, happier, serene and bright. Sometimes, being interested only in art, identity, culture, in front of social needs, is a dream. Not a very healthy thinking. Being an art lover means being a social activist. Of course that we need routes, schools, hospitals or good salaries, but we also need dignity, self-esteem, pride in being a citizen of the country etc."

Are you optimistic concerning the future of you as persons and as musical ensemble?

"Yes, we are optimistic. We do our best to find every way to reach people, to teach people, to promote our cultural demarche, but we also need time. And we are also sure that time will measure value, time will measure art and everything will be important for this world, in spirit and kindness – this is the situation where you see the good in everyting you do. We will finish with what we started: we don`t build music, we build history."

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