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Press-release from Ileana Stefanescu

di Emanuele G. - giovedì 4 maggio 2017 - 7138 letture

My dears,

I have decided to teach an online yoga class for beginners, starting this fall (probably October), mostly for people located in the USA. Those who live abroad are also welcome, if they can adjust to the schedule we set for USA. This class targets all those who would like to take our yoga class, but do not have access to a regular class, either due to their schedules, or because there is no instructor in the city where they live.

The class will be done via an online video platform.

There will be a class once a week, live online (no recorded classes for now). We will agree on a day and time that would fit most participants’ schedules. I will be the main teacher, with occasional help from the other teachers in the USA, when I am not available.

The students will receive handouts for each class, just like in all our regular courses.

This class will follow the same curriculum as our main Esoteric Yoga/Tantra class.

Price: $15/class.

Please be so kind and pass this announcement to any of your friends and acquaintances who may be interested in it.

Those who are thinking of attending this class, please let me know asap via email (

I need to know how many people to expect, in order to figure out the technical part of the video platform.

I am looking forward to this chance of helping more people grow spiritually and have access the beautiful teachings of our school.

I am grateful for your presence in my life, and for all your support.

With love,

Ileana Stefanescu

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