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Mind Manipulation and Brain Washing-The Price of a Predictable Society

by Crystal - Tuesday 7 January 2014 - 2596 letture

by Advaita Mihai Stoian

Soteria International – Bringing Forth Revolutionary Ideas

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Mind manipulation

In their attempt to create a safe and secure society, the architects behind its design often fall victim to their own obsession for power. It is for these reasons I decided to attend the annual International Conference for Spiritual Human Rights, Copenhagen 2013.

This year’s topic was “Freedom of conscience and belief at a crossroads in Europe – self-determination and spiritual teachings”. While preparing for the conference and reading the background materials, I was surprised to realize that many of the efforts to eliminate the insidious maneuvers of different power structures are oriented in the wrong direction. So I decided to change the topic of my contribution as it is more important to work on defining the right direction of action than to debate one particular aspect of it. Governments are frantic to implement new laws across Europe, claiming to act in view of protecting the citizens. And one of the newly emerging concerns is so-called “mind manipulation”.

Sometimes we see nuances of these crimes, with actions such as “brain washing” becoming the target of such laws today. At first sight it all seems legitimate, as mental manipulation or brain washing are ideas that are constant subjects of mainstream media speculation as well as a constant theme in the alternative media. It is just the perpetrator of these crimes that varies according to who is telling the story. Mind Manipulation is a Strategy Used by Exploitative Groups Mind manipulation seems to be performed anyway: either by the corporations, or by the powers-that-be or by the enemy of the state that wants to destabilize the democratic society. All forces of the power spectrum are accusing one another of using mind manipulation, brain washing, and mind control methods in order to gain supremacy in the world. Irrespective of what the truth about the perpetrator is, one thing is for sure: the almost obsessive preoccupation about the possibility for someone to influence someone else’s mind is rooted in the reality of these phenomena and their use in our world today. And hence we will see the natural emergence of these laws that are protecting the innocent citizen from the abusive use of such methods, regardless of who its beneficiary might be. But this last part of the reasoning is wrong!

Upon closer inspection one can easily see that the main targets of these laws are spiritual movements and religious minorities. The very definition of the term sect or mental manipulation transforms it into a tool for inquisitorial actions by the authorities of the state. The protection against mental manipulation transforms, without anyone noticing, into the very cause of mental oppression and abuses. Everything that is different is criminalized and transformed into the enemy of the state – a state that is today so attached to ideas such as continuity and stability, even if it is constantly failing to provide either of them. Nowadays, there are increasingly more people grouping within organizations whose declared purpose is to fight against this attack on the individual freedom of belief and the right to spiritual practice. Yet more and more public funds are spent in order to create modern inquisition-type squads whose sole purpose is to sweep Europe in search of any sign of “cult” or “sect” and to destroy it. The aberrations have already reached unimaginable peaks with organizations such as FECRIS (the hidden hand behind MIVILUDES) becoming the fanaticized organization serving the interests of certain governments, such as in France. We now see large networks formed by the victims of these zealots. They won trials against them at the international and European court for human rights, but without any measures being taken by the states involved.

Looking into this problem, it becomes obvious that the legislation that incriminates mental manipulation is a strategic move in a war against any form of spirituality that is being waged by the occult powers manifesting through the established power structure. If these laws will be instated, the very definition of spiritual practice and spiritual evolution will be subjected to dramatic mutilation beyond all recognition. This will lead to a genuine “sterilization” of spiritual systems that will afterwards turn into decorative pets to serve the pride of variety in the mono-block of the intellectual gulag we face today in Europe, and not only here. Yet the actions to bring awareness to these topics are in the same time ineffective and this is because the subject in itself is poorly treated, explained or understood.

Practically speaking, the defenders of spiritual human rights are antagonizing something that is nullified by its own definition. The only reason why organizations such as FECRIS and all its acolytes from different national structures are going along with these abuses and crimes against human beings is the lack of understanding on the subject of their so-called protection. Their very definition of mental abuse and mind manipulation represents the root of the problem that needs serious reevaluation. Here are some simple ideas that place the subjects of mental manipulation and brain washing into another frame where solutions become possible. One of the main issues that is targeted in these laws is so-called mind manipulation. In an attempt to define mind manipulation we can say that mind manipulation is the act of influencing and controlling someone’s mind, determining a lack of individual judgment and decisional power in order to obtain an altered decision or course of action. Even if we take the definitions used by the laws that incriminate the act of mind manipulation, we find an expected but totally ignored result: most of the actions that are done in politics involve mind manipulation to a very high degree. Moreover, most of today’s marketing and advertising implies heavy mind manipulation, which is sometimes much worse than that mentioned within the law against mind manipulation! Basically our culture is teaching people to constantly attempt to mentally manipulate each other as a basic act of daily existence.

Aren’t We All Manipulated?

Every part of the society we live in is enforcing its ideas, values and ideals through the mental manipulation of its citizens. We belong to a certain way of thinking; we start to embrace a certain view-point not because of a natural course of evolution but primarily because of mind manipulation. It seems that the problem is so vast that we cannot really find a way to comprehend it let alone find a solution to solve it. We need to be manipulated in a certain way in order to even do some good things in life, this seems to be the method par excellence that works on the modern day human being … and if this is the only way then we add another problem that infinitely complicates everything and creates a nightmare for the human rights activists and a great opportunity for the human rights rapists: who will be qualified to tell us what is good and what is bad in life? Who is qualified for operating mind manipulation and who is not? History is full of ideas that appeared to be genius in the beginning, but only proved to be wrong afterwards, and vice versa.

A fact is: we can never know for sure (at least not from this perspective) if what we say is right or wrong. Then how can one claim the right to impose any opinion on others in the name of righteousness? In this respect one can easily see that the fight against mind manipulation and the defense of human rights is going the wrong way from the beginning. Mind manipulation does exist, but protecting citizens against it ends up becoming abusive and wrong. On the other hand, fighting against such laws means we defend people’s right to be mind manipulated … which is again wrong. Such a paradoxical situation is the expression of the wrong paradigm, the result of the biased definition of the mind and its functions. Our mind can be manipulated only when we do not control it ourselves. Many traditional spiritual systems have described the human being as being more than just his physical existence.

Control Your Own Mind And Be Free

Contemporary science is confirming step by step all the ancient discoveries about this. According to all these systems, a human being can and has the moral duty to control his own mental principle, the mind. There are a vast number of exercises and methods that all lead to the regaining of the control over one’s own mind. Once you are in control of your own mind, nobody can exert control over it. Experience with meditation of different kinds shows this simple but essential truth: once the mind is controlled it will not respond to any control factors that are coming from the outside. WHEN WE CONTROL OUR MIND NOBODY ELSE CAN CONTROL IT! If the number of studies on the effects of deep meditation is still somewhat limited, there are quite a lot of studies that show the sad reality today: most people cannot concentrate at will, and cannot control their mind at will.

In a world where everyone’s minds are left unguarded, inviting anyone with a minimum of knowledge on the subject to use them, it is therefore not a coincidence that mind manipulation is currently in such high use. And there is always someone around who will pick up what others have dropped: their attention and mental control. By teaching this reality to people, they will be able to become perfectly independent beings, immune to any attempts of mental manipulation … if this is what is wanted. However, in reality all of our current systems of power are built on mind manipulation and therefore they instinctively oppose any attempt to make the individuals immune to mind manipulation by teaching them to regain control over their own mind. They do not try to protect the citizens from mind manipulation, but they try to prevent the citizens from being mind manipulated in ways that do not serve the occult power’s own interests!

Instead of giving the control to the citizen, the power-holders are confiscating the control by hiding the real problem behind a smokescreen of concern for the citizen. Instead of teaching the citizen how to solve the real problem, our society is discussing meaningless notions about solving a false problem. While the victims are watching the show, being convinced that it is for their own good – that someone is taking care of them … while exactly those who appear to care are the wolves that are guarding the sheep. The very paradigm of helping the citizen to walk instead of teaching him how to walk will result in a society of invalids. But they will be predictable invalids, obedient tools in a society that can finally be totally controlled and led to a “glorious” future. Or so they say!

The more the state tries to fight obesity by forbidding certain kinds of food, the more obese our society becomes. The more awareness campaigns and teachings about nutrition are made available to the general population, the less obese people we will have. But that means less business for the food industry … Manipulating our own mind implies increased awareness and training of one of the most mysterious parts of the human being: the mind. Another striking example in this respect is the notion of brain washing. The experience of any advanced meditator can offer a surprising perspective upon the impact of mental agitation upon our inner life: mental agitation constitutes one of the most important sources of stressors in our being.

Mental agitation forms a “wall” of confusion and mental noise. Mental agitation is formed by all the impressions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences that we acquire unconsciously and that remain half-awakened in our being.

Our mind gets agitated by all semi-consciously accepted stimuli that continue to search for a state of balance. Understanding this danger, some of the forerunners of the new age spiritual movement started an entire crusade against all the possible factors of mental agitation. Yet how can one eliminate all possible garbage from the world in order to ensure his house will never have anymore? In fact garbage is made up of that which we no longer need and now choose to ignore, but which before was useful and usable. Indeed the media channels are full of mental garbage; human social networking is an immense garbage bin where everyone dumps their useless feelings, talk, ideas and endless chatting. And still this is the same problem as before: we cannot eliminate all the possible causes of trouble from the world but we can easily learn to stay out of trouble at an individual level! In order to eliminate the stressors created by the constantly agitating environment we just need to start observing “mental hygiene”. This new concept was launched a few years ago within the meditation course of Natha Yoga Center.

And ever since, many people have been positively reacting to this simple, yet revolutionary way of flipping the paradigm of mental purity: instead of cleaning it with great effort, you can keep it clean almost effortlessly! Made aware of the impact our thoughts have upon our life, bodies, attitudes and even destiny, people will start to constantly purge from their minds all the useless language they have been automatically taking in. The gesture becomes as simple as washing one’s own hands in order to prevent germs from proliferating. It was only a matter of education about a reality that was not accessible to our senses (the microscopic world of microorganisms), and people started to naturally understand the need for physical hygiene and to apply it everywhere. In a similar way, being aware of mental agitation and its impact upon life makes people naturally integrate the concept of mental hygiene. Let us now put this concept in the perspective of the concept of brain washing. When white man explained to the indigenous populations of some pacific islands about the importance of washing their hands in order to avoid diseases, the shaman of the village opposed these teachings saying that people will lose their vital power by washing their hands.

In fact he was trying to maintain his position of power that was based upon the ignorance of these people. (Of course there are other aspects of life where the shamanistic work is still going beyond the reaches of science, but this was not the case then). Similarly, the political “shamans” of today’s democratic institutions are trying to oppose any attempt to make individuals more aware and mentally independent, branding all such attempts as brain washing.

All the while, even their propaganda regarding this idea of brain washing is just an immense brain dirtying. A person with a mind that is clear and clean of all agitation will also be clear about his choices. Mental manipulation will not work on such an individual. The dirtier and more agitated the mind, the more that person will depend on some political voodoo that is provided by the modern clerics of the democratic religion. And they would do anything to keep their followers in ignorance, with a mind that is prepared for manipulation. Nowadays, it is not a coincidence that most, if not all, brain washing accusations and mind manipulation cases are made against organizations who have effectively attempted to give individuals the possibility to become immune to mind manipulation and brain washing. What would a society with individuals that are free thinking, that are not predictable and are not subjected to any attempt to influence them from the outside be? Theoretically we would believe that this is what is wanted, that it represents the goal we all pursue … but looking more closely at the situation we can see that this is what our current system would define as chaos, terrorism and anarchy. While it is obvious that the system needs an immunity solution for each individual in order to protect them from the abuses coming from a private source or the state, such an immunity system is viewed as a threat and attempted to be eliminated by all means.

Individuals that are in control of their mind and have a pure mental structure are no good for a morbid society that is afraid of all that is alive and prefers the walking dead for they are the ideal cyber-citizens. Today we are witnessing the shaping of what will become the thought-police and the beginning of the battle to conquer the noosphere of planet Earth. It is now that forces are clashing to take what is not theirs: the minds of all the other people that are not in control of what is theirs. And in this battle the main weapon that is used by the different sides is keeping the citizens in ignorance about all these aspects. Awareness will make the citizens immune to all these abuses and the battle for what is theirs futile. Everyone would hold their power in their own heads and nobody would be able to take it. Yet the path to that reality will require a lot of training and for now everyone is used to taking the blue pill from the system that will solve all their problems. Welcome to the Matrix.

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