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Memories of the Future

by Crystal - Wednesday 3 July 2013 - 1407 letture

by Advaita Mihai Stoian

“Memories” about the spiritual future of our civilization as I see it now

The aspects that I am writing here are not referring to a specific time but to a specific state of consciousness. The time is yet associated with it but the way this time we can expect to be is very much in accordance with the level of consciousness that our humanity is having and the way we evolve in the future years and decades.

If these aspects here will be understood by many, a lot of them will already change for it is only the unconsciousness that is predictable and foreseeable while the consciousness is spontaneous and is unpredictable. Once we understand about ourselves a certain predestination we are already on the changing course of that destiny. As we already scientifically proved, the mere fact of understanding a process is already transforming that process.It is therefore sometimes a prophecy is apparently not fulfilled for it is enough that lots of people understood it and took it seriously then the future was already transformed and that prophecy is not valid anymore. Of course we will say that if the prophecy was not made than the events will happen as the untold prophecy will reveal. From this perspective we can say that a prophecy is acting as a future changing tool that is guiding the human consciousness toward a better future by the power of awareness.We are now in a moment of great importance for our human development both as individuals and as a civilization. Our planet is becoming more and more as a fast learning class where the teaching lessons are very intensive.The lesson that is facing the human being right now is the lessons of conscious letting go of the individuality and of the separation. We are in the full speed development of the informational communication that is sooner or later leading to the emotional breakdown and a necessary revolution in the emotional communication. Before this will happen, a great crisis of the morality will take place on the planet, probably due to the discoveries about the manipulation that is done through informational control, manipulation that will become ever more destructive in the following years.

Devices that will combine the latest discoveries of science with the psychic abilities of some people enhanced by the devices will create genuine mass psychosis that will lead to social tensions. Those will first of all affect the individuals from inside in the form of anxieties, stress, and unexplained sadness. Soon after, the information about these aspects will come out and the moral issue will be intensely debated. People will gradually begin to realize that nobody can stay apart from the whole humanity and that everybody is linked with everybody.

Notions as “psycho ecology”, “a clean mental environment”, “mental protection”, “emotional protection” and so on, will emerge in full power on a background of amazing scientific discoveries regarding the power of our mind over matter and the way we influence the planet on which we live. After the first rush and some violent confrontations of a religious nature – confrontations in which the religions as we know them today will loose most of their power and influence among the people of the world – the people that will remain will start to understand that we are all together in this cosmic adventure and that we are all the sons and daughters of the same Cosmic Father.

But these elements, even thou they are amazing and should create an entire revolution, they will be really understood under the power of some events of an intensity and magnitude that will affect deeply the whole planet. Thus the lesson of giving up the individuality and separation will be given by three big disasters that will make people experience the solidarity and in the same time will make them understand that without a state of unity we cannot make it through this universe on this little planet. This external threat will coincide with the beginning of the previously mentioned internal troubles.

A new collective consciousness will reappear and gradually tend to replace the collective unconsciousness.The old science and scientific spirit, that is holding in the back the occult organizations, will tend to control the human spirit in a final attempt to eradicate this increased tendency toward occultism and obscurantism – as they will call the new tendencies for spiritual research and the vivid spirit to question the old and rigid beliefs. This ideological battle will be given on the field of informational ground, the old world trying to control all the informational channels and to label all the new tendencies as: “dangerous attacks to the established order and modern civilization”.

They will try even to create some associations between the modern vanguard scientists and the charlatans that are using people’s increased natural openness toward these aspects in order to get material advantages. In the future the ideological battle will be as fierce and as damaging for humans as the battle with bombs and rockets. The more humans become aware about the power of the mind over patter the more this battle will commence.The technology development will be reoriented in the following years by the new discoveries in the domain of energy and will also be enormously encouraged by the energetic crisis. Due to this crisis, humanity will invest more attention in the areas that until now were unknown and in the 21st century we will face the first experiences that will prove without any doubts the existence of the so called subtle energies and the way they interact with the physical world. That will open a new era in the science and the theories that revolutionized the 20th century will collapse with big noise. The spiritual science will make the first steps on these grounds. Once that is happen, the science is developing in an unseen rhythm in a period that will be known as the second renascence. A new generation of evolved spirits will come in earth to reformulate the spiritual doctrines in accordance with the new horizons that were given by the science. This new spiritual doctrine will be simple and will be a new religion that is individual and direct, without any intermediary, adapting to all the scientific discoveries and using every element of life as a gate to spiritual transformation and direct communion with God. After the informational revolution – after the big informational abuses will be revealed and the people will start to understand more such issues that until now where completely out of reach for ordinary people – the emotional revolution will come. The world will understand that emotions are a very important part of our life and that we need proper development and proper education as well at this level. There will be given new laws for emotional protection, based on the new discoveries about the subtle energies and the fact that the emotions can be measured and their impact studied. Gradually the attention of most of the people will focus in this area of life and it will become quite common to perceive directly the subtle energies and the subtle colors. A new era will begin in human relationships and communication. The couple relationship will be revalued to its cosmic dimension and the idea of androgyny will be again going out for the public. New understanding about human nature will emerge in these troubled times. The occult law of resonance will become the mile stone for all the science and the unificatory force that will allow all the systems to discover the fifth element, the Unification, the Oneness. The mistakes of the past will be understood from a clearly different perspective and the state of unity and tolerance will grow on earth. After the three big disasters and the informational revolution that will lead to the emotional revolution, humanity will know a time of growth in spiritual dimensions. The new generations of evolved spirits will create a spiritual environment in some areas of the planet, making possible to appear a new race of people that will be genetically superior and also will be endowed with new abilities that humans never new in the modern history at such extended scale. The use of intuition and a primitive form of telepathy will become wide spread and in the areas that will be the cradle of the new religion there will be large communities that will use a new form of intuitive language as a basis for their communication. In such areas the development will be faster and they will be separated by the different level of consciousness and even by a different language.The time of unity of the whole humanity will enter another phase when all people will be united in a kind of human consciousness and in the same time will freely develop different communities that will be the seed for the future specialized communities that in the end will form the Great Human Consciousness of the Cosmic Human.

All these are happening right now and for every one of us.

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