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MATSYASANA, the fish posture (Variant)

di Concordia Yoga Forum - domenica 18 agosto 2013 - 4217 letture

MATSYA means “fish” in Sanskrit. MATSYASANA, the fish posture is one of the most effective ASANA-e of HATHA YOGA to purify the energies from the lower area of the abdomen. Subtly, this ASANA acts to boost the energetical centre SWADHISTANA CHAKRA (the second chakra, located in the area of the genitles). A less well-known esoteric aspect of this posture is that of sublimation of the inferior energies of SWADHISTANA CHAKRA on the upper levels of this center of force. This results in a refining of energies corresponding to SWADHISTANA CHAKRA and also helps to eliminate tensions or some diseases which are located in the genital apparatus.

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The starting position to achieve this posture is sitting on our knees. Before we enter this position, we will spread our heels as much as possible, leaving a distance of 5-6 cm between our big toes. This forms a sort of a valley in which we place our buttocks, bringing our basin between our heels. We then lean back by placing an elbow on the ground and then the other one. During the descent movement of the trunk, the hands rest on the heels and the knees remain permanently on the ground. In the final phase of the completion of this posture, we stretch our hands on the ground, oriented with palms facing upwards, in the prolongation of the torso and our head supported on the occipital zone, so that the cervical vertebras to be well spread out. Lumbar area must be as close to the ground. If you cannot put your buttocks on the valley made up by your legs, you can place a pillow under your buttocks or lumbar zone and then progressively reduce the thickness of the pillow.

If in the early stages of practice we feel pain in certain areas of the body, we will be able to easily overcome this period by focusing intensely on these spots or sensitive areas, simultaneously relaxing the tense muscles. In the posture itself we will focus to perceive the energizing of the center of force SWADHISTANA CHAKRA, both with cosmic energy that descends directly on the corresponding area in the body and telluric energy that passes through the legs, it energizes SWADHISTANA CHAKRA and the excess of energy continues to ascend towards the head area. We also notice the deep relaxation of the lower area of the abdomen, the elimination of tensions and stress of a sexual nature. We feel a pleasant state throughout our whole being having SWADHISTANA CHAKRA as the focal point of irradiation. This ASANA acts on the legs, stretching and making your ligaments graceful again. It has beneficial effects on the position of the plantar arch, having a beneficent action on many vital points located in the legs. This ASANA also acts very powerfully on the knees, stretching the ligaments and knee tendons longitudinally without any danger of joint movement.

Leg muscles are stretched and blood circulation through the legs is greatly slowed down. Since the legs are equipped with the most powerful muscles of the body, the most important arteries spread towards them. Through the specific execution of this posture a braking of blood circulation in the legs is achieved, and some of the blood is diverted particularly towards the pelvic and abdominal areas.

MATSYASANA stimulates the activity of the gonads which are the main glands with internal secretion, harmonizing their operation. It acts beneficially on the nervous centers in the lumbar and cervical areas, centers that will be much stimulated.

At the end of its execution we remain on the ground with our legs stretched forward and the arms near our body, relaxing completely. We become aware of the energizing of the lumbar and cervical areas, the harmonious activation of the secret centre of force SWADHISTANA CHAKRA, we enhance the amplification of the state of wellbeing and we also notice the elimination of the tensions of sexual nature. We also notice the sublimation of the lower sexual energies into elevated, refined energies of a spiritual nature. This ASANA makes appear a state of regeneration at the level of the whole physical structure and has extremely powerful rejuvenating effects.

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