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Kali, the Essential Power of Time and Transformation

by Crystal - Wednesday 25 July 2012 - 1756 letture

By Advaita Mihai Stoian

Is There Really an Art of Dealing with Time?

Perhaps yes, since so much is written and spoken about it. Since time immemorial, the human being has been preoccupied with the passing and manifestation of the energy of time. Nowadays we often hear people saying “i don’t have time” or “time is passing faster” but is it really true? The tyranny of the agenda and schedule that are ruling today’s society are another facet of what we generally call TIME.

And even if TIME seem to take all our life we pay very little attention to it: we spend it as if we have an infinite amount and we complain about it as if we are always poor of it.

Time is a multi-faceted concept which contains not only the understanding of our daily habits, but also the understanding of the origin of the Universe. For most people, it is merely a matter of days, hours and seconds which decide the structure of their lives, while some consider it to be an objective reality. For others, time is a magical, subtle and transforming notion, an ineffable spell which purifies and alters everything it touches.

The issue of the mysterious energy of time awakens great fascination due to the fact that when we approach this subject we question our passive submission to time and thus we have the possibility to access a superior and mysterious level of life.

The spiritual tradition of TANTRA is describing the reality of TIME as the embodiment of the Universal feminine energy that give the transformation impulse to the entire creation. She is the Great Cosmic Power Kali, the DIvine Mother of TIME, DEATH and TRANSFORMATION.

The relationship with time is at the same time the relationship with the Great Cosmic Power Kali and it conceals more that just our mere participation in the game in which time, as a mysterious energy, enslaves us, just because, historically and collectively, we accept it – DUE TO IGNORANCE – as an inevitable fact.

Pantha Rei

In his wanderings through the labyrinth of life, man is watched at every moment by the terror-inflicting shadow of death and all his high goals and noble aspirations are vitiated by the threat of this tragic end. The paralyzing and foolish fear of death is that which makes man even more mortal. No attempt on a spiritual path would be fully significant, nor technique, unless this fear is not overcome, at least to a small extent. Death should be permanently faced with temerity, because only in this way the meaning of Time can be completely experienced and understood. This is also why Tantra indicates the frantic worship of Kali, as the first and most important discipline of spiritual knowledge.

There are many distinct forms or hypostasis of Kali that are mentioned in secret tantric books. In most of her representations, prevail mostly terrible characteristics but in fact we should NEVER draw the wrong conclusion that Kali only represents the destructive aspects of the power of God regarding that what is evil and opposes spiritual evolution. That which exists, even time, is transcended, the eternal night of endless peace and happiness (Maharatri), is also called Kali. And she is also the one who determines Shiva to unfold the next cycle of Creation. In short, we can say that the Great Cosmic Power Kali, one of the most touching personifications of the primary feminine energy of the cosmos, symbol of the power that embodies the transcendental, represents a certain power of God in all its aspects.

From the 14th to the 21st of July, Adina and I host a special retreat in Stevns Klint, Denmark, part of our Tantric Summer camps , dedicated to the knowledge and direct experience related to Kali. We also kept this first Maha Vidya Yoga Camp in Romania, 2 years ago, and it was a great success for hundreds of enthusiastic and open hearted participants.

Held in a wonderful and peaceful location that is very nourishing for the soul, this year’s camp will be packed with many very practical aspects for any sincere aspirant on the Maha Vidya path and will represent a strong impulse for inner alchemy, deep transformation and awareness, according to everyone’s inner preparation and readiness. There will be given many insights on this mysterious and full of love Great Cosmic Mother, simple ways and techniques to relate to Her, but also many surprises.

We live nowadays times of great transformation and revelation, and these require to be fully present here and now. It is also now that the Great Cosmic Power of Time and Transformation can be easily understood and contemplated with all her manifestations.

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