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Iraq War- Massacres of Civilians – A Routine Job

by Crystal - Sunday 12 September 2010 - 1623 letture

A United States Soldiers View of the Killing of Civilian’s in Iraq

The war in Iraq and its disturbing reality is far more complex than the comments of the below article. Indeed the crimes of the United States army in Iraq are inexcusable, and cannot be justified by 9/11 (11th September) or any similar event. Especially when we consider that 9/11 (11th September) was an inside job and Iraq was a money motivated invasion, and the American genocide of Iraq shows its true dimensions but not quite…

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Yet the situation cannot be understood from the perspective of the field soldiers or their aggressors because they are also victims of the same genocide, just dressed in the wrong colors in order to deceive the viewer. In the same way civilian hostages are used to cover military operations. They are deliberately placed as buffers between the ones who hold the power and manipulate everyone and the people who want to discover the truth. In this way anyone who would question this war will seem to attack the poor army soldiers who are apparently fighting for a just cause. In reality the United States soldiers are the “innocence certificate” for the ruthless gang who are leading American politics and administration (or more appropriately the masonic guys above them) . With their blood these people wash their hands that are stained with money ink. We have been previously acquainted with this strategy, in the last century in another big conflagration when a large group of people were also used to cover the same small group of power. Same people will generate the same scheme ;)

What can these soldiers do, being in a foreign place, being attacked with all kinds of scary devices coming from nowhere, fed with scary stories meant to keep them in a state of alertness? Their actions may seem very reasonable from a military perspective when wanting to impose control in such territory and save as many lives by sacrificing little. On the other hand the actions of the invisible aggressors of the poor invasion soldiers ( :) ) seem also justified by the nature of the whole military operation that covers up one of the biggest robberies in history, their country being drained of resources and the operation being covered with the blood of innocent people (from both sides).

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Then, trying to understand any of this we find ourselves in a difficult situation where everyone seems to be right. The interesting part is that it was meant to be like this in order to keep us busy taking sides. In fact the whole paradigm is wrong. The whole war is wrong and the reason for those soldiers to be there is abhorrent.

The actions of the soldiers and the civilians can be a subject for endless debates, but in reality they are all trapped in the same game that was designed from the beginning to generate this situation in order to keep people busy in such meaningless debates. If we try to look from a larger perspective we can see that the United States army, insurgents and people who are supporting both sides are all just playing the game that was carefully designed for them to play, in order to prevent them from seeing what is going on in reality! Try, as a mental experiment, to read the following lines and also watch the video at the end from this broader perspective and i am sure you will discover the ugly face of the ones who planned the whole thing from the beginning; now they enjoy the silence given by the wall of deceiving lies and misleading facts that support each other and need no longer need to intervene. When dramas are made as big as possible on both sides and revelations on both sides are more and more dramatic, then the wall that the murderers hide behind becomes compact and there is no way to see through it.

They know that in such situation one cannot remain without taking sides (and the bigger the crime the easier it is to take sides without having any idea that you have become a puppet on strings) and this is how the game works. But again, the way to transcend these two sides goes through a thorough individual training, especially regarding self-discovery or the increasing of self-awareness. In lacking this capacity we will react as expected and the game will continue to hide the real players.

The article below was taken from Global Research by Mihai Stoian

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