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Gregorian Bivolaru has been Arrested… Again. The Abuse Against Him Takes on Strange, Grotesque Shapes

di Emanuele G. - domenica 20 marzo 2016 - 6653 letture

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The media campaign and behind-the-scenes political pressure that have been incessantly exerted on author and yoga teacher, Gregorian Bivolaru, have led to some… strange results. After thousands of articles in which the same old bits of information, mixed with a plethora of lies, are obsessively brought up and presented as news, the journalists received a bubble of informational air: Gregorian Bivolaru has been arrested in Paris and liable to be extradited to Romania. For Romanian Version Click Here

This news is a handout for most of the quill serfs belonging to the media lords. Fortunately, not all journalists are in this category. Those who serve different interests can now embroider all kinds of speculations in order to please the ones they serve, presentposting various sinister scenarios of a situation that is in fact very clear.

Gregorian Bivolaru is already protected by Sweden, according to the Geneva Convention (of 28th July 1951), therefore he cannot be extradited to Romania. The decision taken by the Supreme Court in Sweden is based exactly on the file in which Gregorian Bivolaru was previously sentenced in Romania. Ungrounded accusations, an abusive police inquiry, the use of a disproportionately large police force during the inquiry with the clear purpose to intimidate, the way Romanian public opinion has been systematically misinformed with regard to Gregorian Bivolaru, even by the authorities that performed the investigation – all of these aspects have led to the fact that when he asked for political asylum in Sweden his request was immediately taken into consideration. The abusive investigation by the Romanian authorities and the use of the police and mass-media as weapons of intimidation have been unshakeable proof that something is rotten in this case and determined the Supreme Court of Sweden to reject the extradition request sent by Romania and to subsequently grant Gregorian Bivolaru political asylum on 2nd January 2006.

The Geneva Convention leaves no space for equivocality: once the necessity for a person to be protected is elaborately established, they are protected regardless of the country of origin’s attempts to arrest him and bring him back. Otherwise, such protection would be meaningless as the oppressive country could always claim the act of justice unfolded naturally and in a democratic way, and the extradition request of the fugitive is just, based on the decision of its own justice. Therefore, Sweden analysed the case carefully, examined the witnesses, and even the supposed victim, and as a result of this investigation decided to immediately and unconditionally release Gregorian Bivolaru from prison – where he was kept under strict isolation on Romania’s special request.

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In Stockholm it was not so much about the papers that were sent or not sent from Romania (although the Romanians had sent an extreme number of documents in order to convince the Swedes to extradite Gregorian Bivolaru), but rather about directly checking certain common sense aspects…such as, WHETHER OR NOT THERE IS A VICTIM! And, to the great surprise of the five judges in the Supreme Court of Stockholm, the supposed victim confessed that she had in fact been aggressed by the Romanian investigators, and not by Gregorian Bivolaru. To add to this surprise, there was one more thing for the judges to deal with, something more difficult to see from a distance: the huge contrast between the way Bivolaru was presented to the Swedish authorities by the Romanians and the way he was directly presented in court by sect and sectarian movement expert, Reverend Karl Erik Nylund.

The Gregorian Bivolaru brought before the Supreme Swedish Magistrate, with chains around his hands and legs, escorted by officers with guns (the entire masquerade was a special request of the Romanian authorities), was one version, while the one beginning to take shape before the judges, through the testimonies of the witnesses, the alleged victim, and the expert chosen by the Swedish Supreme Court was a completely different one. The difference between the two Gregorian Bivolarus – the one invented by the Romanians and the one presented to the judges – was so big that the judges requested the immediate stopping of police measures and after the trial finished Gregorian Bivolaru was unconditionally set free. A few weeks later, the Swedish authorities granted Gregorian Bivolaru political asylum. Motivation: the real Gregorian Bivolaru cannot have a fair trial in Romania and his life could be endangered if he is sent back to his own country, because the character invented by the Romanian authorities is already inserted in the public consciousness by an unprecedented media campaign.

Such a “slap on Romania’s cheek”, as this decision was referred to by then Prime Minister, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, would have made any other country reconsider its position. However, the Romanian authorities, in a perfect display of Balkan spirit, started to put the blame on the then Minister of Justice, against whom they had personal grudges. Moreover, they bigged themselves up and became eager to end the trial that had been started with so many mistakes and abuses, resulting in them covering themselves with mountains of ridiculousness while spending huge amounts of Romanian taxpayers’ money. All of this happened while the mass media, which does not pay its debts to the state, poured over the same taxpayers a stream of lies and calumnies about Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA in an attempt to justify their exaggerated expenses with this case. This is a clear application of the saying: “one hand washes the other”.

Gregorian Bivolaru was already acquitted twice in this file of shame, but the High Court of Cassation and Justice (the Romanian equivalent of the Swedish Supreme Court) wanted to show its “supremacy” and continued the trial in an hallucinating manner, which is possible only in a state subjected to personal interests. However, unlike the Swedish Supreme Court, the High Court of Cassation and Justice proved to have the muscles, but lacked the spine.

After his acquittals were cancelled, the judges of the Court of Cassation should have sent the file to be rejudged by the lower court. Abusively and illegally, the judges who cancelled Bivolaru’s acquittals proceeded to rejudge the case, in the conditions in which they had become incompatible due to the fact they had expressed their disagreement about the acquittal by cancelling the previous decisions. Therefore they no longer showed the guarantee of impartiality, the cancelling of the acquittal representing a form of fore-pronunciation, showing clearly their intention to condemn Gregorian Bivolaru, regardless of the actual situation resulting from evidence administered in the rejudgment phase. During this rejudging phase, the judges rejected Gregorian Bivolaru’s request to be legally heard by rogatory letters, to the surprise of international observers who were closely following this trial… obviously not for aesthetic reasons.

Therefore, after a long line of abuses and Kafkaesque situations, the brave (to be read: the pathetic) defenders of justice in Romania sentenced Gregorian Bivolaru to 6 years in prison, turning the five supreme Swedish judges into real prophets: Gregorian Bivolaru’s trial in Romania is not fair! And they knew that seven years before the trial ended.

Did Gregorian Bivolaru help the Swedes look into the future with the help of yoga techniques? Or is the truth much simpler: the situation was already so clear that there could not be any doubt.

The Romanian authorities would now have the right to comment on the political asylum status granted to Gregorian Bivolaru by Sweden if they had proven that their actions, at least after 2006, contradicted the necessity for protecting him. They could have made a fair trial and now they could come and rebuke the Swedes about their decision to grant political asylum to a Romanian citizen… but Romania preferred to carry on, following its initial path without any deviation… from the applied deviations.

And now, even if the mass media tries desperately, especially in Romania, to elude this part of the equation (which is actually essential for the outcome of the present situation), the abuses made by the authorities in Bucharest against Gregorian Bivolaru could never be covered by the stupidities and lies on this subject, even though they are huge.

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The undercover agents in the Romanian mass media belonging to the secret service – it is official they exist – are running a mind-blowing campaign these days, which started right before the actual arrest of Gregorian Bivolaru in Paris. At a time when only the secret service and the vassal scribes knew what was going to happen, they started depicting him as a notorious criminal, “Europe’s most wanted fugitive”, making a huge media abuse once again, a real anticipatory lynching. What clearer proof can we ask for than this anticipatory preparation of the action that was presented as a spontaneous manoeuvre by the French and Romanian police?

The movie of the arrest of Gregorian Bivolaru as the Romanian authorities portray it: a script fit for a cartoon

In the official story it is stated that on 26th February 2016, Gregorian Bivolaru was spotted by vigilant citizens in Paris as one of the visitors at the Porte de Champerret Books and Old Papers Fair. On the other hand, the Romanian police claim they received info that Gregorian Bivolaru left Sweden in order to go to France for this book fair, and it was there that the citizens spotted him.

This is a ridiculous and unbelievable story. A list of the most wanted fugitives was recently published on the ENFAST website (a division of Europol in charge of the fast capturing of the most wanted criminals with the help of citizens). No sooner had the list been published on the Europol website than citizens already recognized one of those appearing on it! How many people do you know who actually browse the internet and intensely study an official Europol website in order to get familiar with the list of most wanted criminals in Europe? Especially considering that in Europe the culture of sensationalism and the authorities’ show about ‘the most wanted’ does not even exist in the way it does in the U.S. about the same list of most wanted. How many people are eager to know whether Europol has published something new and in this way to find out about Gregorian Bivolaru? Most likely very few. And then, how many of them go to old book fairs to run into Gregorian Bivolaru?

For anyone with common sense it is very clear that putting Gregorian Bivolaru on the list with Europe’s most wanted criminals was just a police cover up in order to be able to pick him up the moment he stepped out of Sweden. And they waited for a moment to be able to do it publicly because it was the only way they could justify his so-called “recognition” by the vigilant citizens of France. If they had gone to pick him up from the house where he was a visiting guest, then their story would have been even more ridiculous. This concern for putting an aura of spontaneity over the entire police operation reveals the canary swallowed by the cat, a.k.a. the Romanian secret service. Their wish is, of course, to keep this canary well hidden; however this cat could use some brains in order to do this.

Once the police were announced that Gregorian Bivolaru was at the book fair, a few minutes after his arrival he was arrested by a large team of French police officers in civilian dress. Waving a badge under his nose (it could have been any kind of badge), the officers grabbed him, pushing aside his stunned companions. None of the eyewitnesses saw the badges of any of the officers. Nevertheless, a few minutes after Gregorian Bivolaru was picked up at the book fair, the news was on Bucharest TV. So much for spontaneous action. The reasons behind this disguised police and secret service action are obviously mixed with the reasons behind this entire campaign. Otherwise, why would the authorities need to make such a manoeuvre?

The follow up of events once again underlines the presence of an occult agenda beyond the show made by the police and the mass media.

Gregorian Bivolaru: the most oppressed, most hunted and most wanted yoga teacher in Europe!

Over the years, Gregorian Bivolaru’s advice has become sought after by increasingly more people. This fame has put him under the surveillance of the authorities since the time of the communist regime in Romania, and has made him the victim of repeated abuse. The Romanian authorities admitted this fact after several years: Gregorian Bivolaru has been the victim of political abuse since before 1989.

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In fact, the Romanian authorities have not clarified to this day something that would have been essential in a country governed by law: if the presumed deeds Gregorian Bivolaru is accused of were done with or without discernment.

In 1989, the communist regime put him in a psychiatric hospital. This hospitalization was actually a political repressive measure, as ‘post-revolution’ justice showed, based on medical documents that proved he lacked discernment. And yet, in 1996 they attempted to open a new penal file without nullifying his status as an irresponsible person. Therefore, Gregorian Bivolaru is currently presented as a dangerous criminal, while at the same time being protected by the Geneva Convention, and in 1996 he was a person without discernment but responsible before the law. In his case, flagrant abuse seems to be the only thing truly at the authorities’ disposal.

Furthermore, in 1996 Gregorian Bivolaru was invited to the Medical Commission twice, as they were trying to establish his status as a person lacking discernment. He escaped only because he listened to the suggestion of his lawyer who found out about the intention of the public prosecutor and advised him not to show up. However, later on in 2004 serious accusations were formulated against him and he was even arrested, yet nobody took into consideration the previous medical observations about lack of discernment, which have never been legally refuted.

If during the communist regime we could easily blame the reasons for persecution on many anomalies that appeared at the time, it is harder to understand the reason for which these abusive measures, the obviously bad intended actions, the attempts of media lynching and even the personal assaults, have been and still are possible in the post-communist period. This difficulty in understanding comes from the fact that we start with the fixed idea that the communist regime had fallen within the first few days of the revolution in December 1989. In reality, though, the old mentality and even the people from the past regime have inherited the new democratic services. Consequently, the prosecutor that handled the case of Gregorian Bivolaru from 1982 (during which period it was officially admitted that Grieg was subjected to political persecution) is the same prosecutor who handled the case of Bivolaru also after 1989… until 2004. On the ball! Same people, same mentalities, same political commands. Except that now they are called gentlemen, while back then they were called comrades.

However, this constant chicanery did not stop Grieg from doing what he has always done: offering from his experience and understandings to other people who are also looking for a path towards spiritual perfection. These days, hundreds of people are looking for his advice; they are looking for him for what he represents to them, for what he offers them in an altruistic way and completely for free. They do this despite all the crap and aberrations poured onto Gregorian Bivolaru by the sick imagination of journalists who just follow orders. I have had the chance to go through thousands of the letters he constantly receives together with him, and over the years I have seen how people have come to the conclusion that they must search for him, passing over the wall of mud hardened over time and formed by the thousands of articles and shows about an invented Gregorian Bivolaru.

This altruistic and efficient activity is not at all pleasing for those who benefit from people’s ignorance; it makes them feel uncomfortable to know there is someone offering people a way out of ignorance. This is why, since they could not stop him by direct pressure, they invented another Gregorian Bivolaru! This “look-alike” of Grieg is totally invented and then stubbornly propagated throughout the mass media as a notorious criminal, a pervert worthy of everyone’s contempt, and, more recently, Europe’s most wanted fugitive! The press rolls out the red carpet, announcing the arrest of the imaginary character, aiming to turn his more-than-obvious lynching into a unifying factor around the nucleus leading a society already burdened by poverty, ignorance, corruption and governing for the benefit of the few.

Without realizing it though, these people who are obsessed with power have unveiled their true priority – to hide their most terrible enemy: Divine Truth. The empire of political lies and the mystification of reality to the point of covering it must be strengthened by any means, so that the truth cannot be seen by those looking for it. In this desperate endeavour they put a yoga teacher and author of dozens of books on a vast array of subjects on the list with the most wanted terrorists of our time. And still this was not enough for them – they also gradually presented him as “Europe’s most wanted fugitive”.

Respecting all the rules of manipulation, the hidden coordinators of this insane campaign invented also a name for Grieg’s “look-alike”: the GURU. In reality, he has never proclaimed himself to be such and he never accepted that others refer to him as guru. But this label with its mystical, exotic flavour is necessary in order to give a touch of authenticity to the created fake image, as well as to make it very easy for the naïve public to swallow whole the lies associated with this ghost of Gregorian Bivolaru that haunts the cemetery of the Romanian press.

Commenting on the danger Gregorian Bivolaru actually represents, a retired secret service agent said: “Our biggest enemy is ideas”. And thank God he constantly gives genius ideas and inspirations, efficient transformation methods, and coherent systems of understanding that bring man to the point of having his own relationship with the Universal Consciousness without depending on anything exterior. In short, he offers everything these people hunt the most: the beneficial ideas and principles that cannot be corrupted, deviated, cancelled or destroyed. This is why the power from the shadows concentrates, in a seemingly disproportionate manner, upon those who generate potent ideas that can truly awaken people. Those circulating cheap, anaemic, breathless ideas or ideals are even cultivated by the system for the sake of variety and appearance.

One of the exponents of this power from the shadows is Romania’s ex-Prime Minister Adrian Nastase. He commanded the police operation in 2004, which had an unprecedented magnitude in the history of post-communist Romania. His reasons were explained in a meeting of the governing party. The stenographic records of those meetings were later on published by a journalist. Nastase showed that Bivolaru is a useful case for distracting attention from the case of a significant member of their party, who had plundered a bank for 53 million dollars. The directive given regarding how to counteract uncomfortable movements also had the indication: “in the case of maverick movements, hunt down and annihilate the leader, and shortly afterwards the entire movement will scatter”.

The manoeuvre of placing Gregorian Bivolaru on the list of Europe’s most wanted criminals – EU MOST WANTED – was therefore planned with great efforts. Following the facts, one can easily notice the connecting thread… from the shadows.

On September 24th 2015, an episode of Brottsplats Sverige (Crime Scene) was aired on Swedish news channel TV4, discussing the subject about Gregorian Bivolaru from a sensational perspective: a list with Europe’s most wanted criminals was to appear and he was on that list. Moreover, the producers said that Gregorian Bivolaru’s name was the first that was announced on that list. Nevertheless, the official list was published four months later. At the time the show was aired in Sweden, the Europol office could not give any official information about other criminal names on that list, stating that it was still in the development phase and several member countries were still preparing the names for that list.

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When asked about it, the Romanian authorities hemmed and hawed, saying there was no one on that list yet and that anyhow the information was strictly confidential until the list would be published on Europol’s website (January 29th 2016). However, this information was released on the Swedish show four months before it was officially published!

The show referred only to the way Gregorian Bivolaru could be arrested in Sweden and it questioned, in a way that lacked professionalism and evidence, the decision of the Swedish Supreme Court to reject Romania’s extradition request as well as that of granting political asylum. Of course the Swedish show presented Bivolaru as a paedophile, a dangerous criminal trying to evade justice, meaning they presented him as the Gregorian Bivolaru invented by the Romanian authorities.

After the publishing of the official list of Europe’s most wanted fugitives, Gregorian Bivolaru’s name was placed at the top of the list. The alleged crime was changed from that which he was actually convicted of. They did this because otherwise the crime he was convicted of did not allow the issue of a European arrest warrant. And the European arrest warrant was the only crack in the European legislation that could allow the breaking of the Geneva Convention. This situation was admitted also by the European Commissioner for Justice, Viviane Reding, in an answer she gave during a filmed interview with Soteria International. The diabolical plan starts to become visible.

Just a few days before the arrest of Gregorian Bivolaru, the Romanian mass media started a furious campaign against Gregorian Bivolaru, led by Antena 3 TV station. In the show hosted by the CEO of the TV station they stated several times: “Gregorian Bivolaru should be executed” – an obviously forced verbal construction referring to the fact that he should execute his punishment. This verbal abuse cannot be considered an error by such a pretentious journalist; it is obviously the network’s not very agile way of inciting violence against Gregorian Bivolaru during prime time. This was the carefully planned frame so that after his arrest in Paris the media exploded with a storm of invectives, accusations and promises that this invented Gregorian Bivolaru will be brought into the country to pay for all his deeds.

Following the line of events, the construction of the fictional character can be easily seen, as well as the fact that the events do not present a natural, logical narrative but a carefully planned unfolding meant to make the real Bivolaru pay again for the debts of the fictional one, invented by the Romanian authorities.

(The real) Gregorian Bivolaru will be released again because the law regarding those who have received political asylum states so

Thus, Gregorian Bivolaru was arrested in France while visiting a book fair in Paris. The man accused of nearly all the bad deeds possible, but who in his spare time has written almost 100 books and more than 200 specialized articles is arrested precisely in a book store! Here, reality met fiction for a split second, allowing one who looks closely to see the dimension of the fabrication. The real Bivolaru had to be arrested and then the fake Bivolaru “left” the interloping world for a moment, where he presumably was, in order to take a quick walk among the books, where the French police could pick him up. Had there been the slightest resemblance between the real Bivolaru and the one created by the Romanian authorities, he would have been arrested in a bar or at some pub, in some luxurious brothel or a conspiracy house of the mob network. However, after 12 years of search and three years since the shameful trial of the Romanian High Court of Cassation and Justice, the one portrayed as Europe’s most wanted criminal was caught in a place he did not belong: among books.

But even this arrest of the imaginary Gregorian Bivolaru is not news. In 2005, Gregorian Bivolaru was reported to have been arrested in Sweden. In reality, the real Bivolaru showed himself willingly, in order to ask for political asylum in Malmo, Sweden. Then, at the request of Romania, who presented him as “the other one”, he was held in arrest, in isolation, for seven months. The Swedish authorities, in the name of international and bilateral treaties, were forced by Romania to make this gross abuse against the elementary rights of the person Gregorian Bivolaru. The Swedish authorities needed seven months to make a distinction between the Gregorian Bivolaru invented by the Romanian authorities and the Gregorian Bivolaru known directly by so many people, the one they kept under arrest in Malmo. But, as soon as they noticed the difference, the Swedes released Gregorian Bivolaru immediately. Therefore, the story is not new, it is repeated and the lesson is this: know the truth directly and do not rely only on what others tell you about the truth.

Consequently, in my opinion, in Paris now it is only a matter of discovering the real Gregorian Bivolaru and making a distinction between him and the hideous one invented by the Romanian authorities and presented everywhere as being real.

It is a genuine test of reality, a test of direct knowledge, allowing us to distinguish between what is real and what is only an imaginary construction. I am convinced that Gregorian Bivolaru will be released again, but the ghost created by the Romanian authorities will still remain to haunt the rotten system for some time.

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