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Gigantic solar explosions are on the way to destroy Planet Earth

by Crystal - Thursday 17 March 2011 - 2216 letture

The NASA (USA) observatory for solar dynamics took these images of an immense solar eruption on the morning of 15th February 2011, between approximately 3:45 – 5:00 Romanian Time. The respective eruption happened within the solar spot 11058 and it is obvious, according to the estimations made shortly afterwards, that it was the most powerful solar explosion that has occurred in the last four years, including the one from August last year (2010), which could even be observed with the naked eye from Earth.

Such bigger and bigger solar storms mean that, at the same time, wonderful boreal auroras are triggered, phenomena which can be seen near the polar circles, but besides all these, they also mean terrible threats for Planet Earth. This recent solar eruption emitted a considerable quantity of high energy ultraviolet radiation (HEV) and expelled an immense mass from the corona of the sun, which was estimated to touch the Earth’s surface 36-48 hours later, and was capable of affecting both communication satellites, and the energy generating systems which exist on our planet. The solar eruption was the greatest one of the actual solar cycle, which started in the year 2008 and offered a shattering confirmation of the devastating effects which can appear on our planet. When the mass of particles and radiations impacted the Earth, high voltage power lines on the entire globe were affected, as well as the functioning of the satellites and, in southern China on Thursday 17th, short wavelength radio communications stopped working.

NASA researchers had foreseen that the solar activity would intensify, and the American Astro Physician Michio Kaku from New York University has warned that this activity will reach a maximum around 2012-2013 and that in the near future, very powerful solar explosions will occur. However, what is indicated from recent events is that such extremely intensive solar phenomena could unleash even faster than has been foreseen. For this reason, the scholar Michio Kaku aims to convince the American administration to take measures to protect electronic and communication equipment so that they will be able to resist the more and more powerful solar eruptions which will be produced. It has been estimated that in 2013 such phenomena might be triggered, risking to become even more devastating for the energetic (electric) system of Planet Earth.

It is good to know that, according to the calculations of scientists, the Sun is capable of producing 20 times more powerful eruptions than that which occurred on 15th February. Last year (2010), Dr. Richard Fisher, Director of the Heliophysics department within NASA has been quoted in the international press as stating, among other things, the following: “We know that such immense solar eruptions can appear, but we cannot estimate how bad they will be for planet Earth”. He added: “In the worst case, the first to fall will be the communication systems, satellites and airplane guiding systems. Then, there will come the electric devices of banks, hospitals and even those in our own homes. If all this occurs, huge problems will appear for human kind. The life of millions of human beings will be endangered. Vast areas of the planet will remain in complete darkness for years because of fallen energy generating systems, as their reparation will take a very long time.” All this has been declared by Dr. Richard Fisher.

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