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Dr. Steven Greer Presents ’The Sirius Documentary’

Press release from Ileana Stefanescu at Yoga Academy
by Emanuele G. - Monday 2 July 2012 - 1913 letture

Emmy-Award winning production company Neverending Light ( has teamed up with Dr. Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project ( and CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence Together, they will produce a high-quality, feature-length documentary that will unlock the future of ET disclosure, peaceful contact and advanced free energy research.

The film will include the most compelling witness testimony and evidence on ET contact, including interviews with top ranking military and government officials that Dr. Greer has gathered through decades of work on The Disclosure Project. It will also include information on CE-5 contact (Close Encounter of the 5th kind), and expose how industrial cartels are suppressing information on ET energy systems to keep humanity under the yoke of reliance on fossil fuels.

Because this is a community-driven movement, the team is raising money to support production through crowd funding websites. The funding can be done on the main project site at Everyone who donates money to the film will receive an incentive based on their pledge amount, such as a DVD of the film, contact expedition tuition, or trips to the film premiere to meet with Dr. Greer and director Amardeep Kaleka. The film is planned to be released in December 2012.

For more information, visit: The Sirius Documentary

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