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Dr. Amit Goswami at IIIHS International Conference - 2017/08/11*2017/08/20 in Montreal (Canada)

Ancient Wisdom, Science & Spirituality
di Emanuele G. - lunedì 10 luglio 2017 - 3921 letture

This year’s conference examines the mystery of existence through the triune concept of spirit, consciousness and science. When working together as partners, ancient wisdom and modern science can revolutionize our understanding of Spirit as “the Oneness of All That Is.” Awareness of this Oneness, which has always been at the helm of involution in creation, is evolving in the new humanity. The higher consciousness of the ancient wisdom that is present in all spiritual traditions will reveal the invisible and integrating force of Spirit as the link between the different levels of reality.

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IIIHS International Conference

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Center For Quantum Activism

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