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Colors of the aura

by Crystal - Tuesday 12 July 2011 - 1597 letture

Colors are an intimate part of our lives. They influence and at the same they reflect us. We use them in order to describe our physical and mental condition, our attitudes, reactions, even the spiritual experiences we have. If we listen carefully to what the others say, we will notice how often color is used as part of our vocabulary.

“Today I see life in pink.” “He was so angry he could see red in front of his eyes.” “The situation is rather blue." “He was green with envy.” “He has a golden heart.”

Color is given by the light’s certain frequency of vibration. Light has more major frequencies and countless secondary or composed frequencies, which give, in fact, the nuances. If we hold a prism in the sunlight, on the opposite side there will appear all the colors of the rainbow, or ROYGBIV (the initials for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).

The energies specific to each person, energies that form the aura of the respective person, are characterized by light and color. The clarity, intensity and distribution of colors in the aura give us information about the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of a person. As we persevere in applying the yogi techniques we will start to notice the colors of the aura more clearly. But this is only a first step, which must be followed by the understanding and interpreting of these perceptions.

We are all sensitive to colors and to what they indicate, but we do not pay much attention to this. Everyone had noticed the different effects of the colorsin our surroundings, the way a certain color matches a certain person and how it does not fit another one, or the feeling that a certain person needs some more “color” in the cheeks. All these are intuitive perceptions of the aura.

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