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Colors and zodiac signs

by Crystal - Tuesday 12 July 2011 - 1937 letture

by Bartha Zoltan

Esoteric tradition says that, in order to manifest, any thing must have a color and a form.

Each one of us has a favorite color and probably each one of us notices that by wearing clothes in a certain color or by simply admiring a specific color, our psychic state can change.

Cromotherapy, as we can understand from the name itself, is a science based on the study of colors and its aim is to value the therapeutic virtues of some of these colors.

In astrology, for many readers it is a well known fact that there is a close connection between each zodiac sign and certain colors or nuances. This correspondence is not random, it aims to outline specific features of the zodiac signs through the associated colors.

In the following we present some information about the correspondences between zodiac signs and colors, as they are known in astrology and, briefly, the significance of these colors in cromotherapy.

Aries corresponds to the bright red, a color of fire, of great passions, of fight, of courage and of action. This color indicates the thirst for life and the will to win in all situations. It is said that this color strengthens will power and increases courage.

Taurus corresponds to the green color, the specific spring green, a color of contentment, reconciliation and acceptance. This color brings peace, it relaxes and soothes the nerves.

Gemini corresponds to the blue color, a color of creativity, mental openness and spontaneity. In cromotherapy, this color is used for amplifying beneficial, harmonious, artistic and mental inspirations.

Cancer corresponds to silver or white, both of them indicating receptivity, sensitivity and refinement, which appear as decisive elements for Cancer natives. White indicates the aspiration for purity.

Leo corresponds to bright yellow, or even golden, in connection with the Sun, which is the patron of this star sign. Yellow is a color of high aspirations, of refined humor, of the tendency towards constant self-accomplishment and self-development. This color increases joy and the power to focus.

Virgo corresponds to dark blue, indicating loyalty, balance and stability. This color also indicates depth of focus and analysis.

Libra corresponds to light blue and pink. Pink is a color related to optimism and the joy of life, showing sociability and the power to adapt.

Scorpio corresponds to red and black. Both colors characterize very well the nature of this star sign, indicating eros and death. Nevertheless, the red specific to the Scorpio is cherry red and the pure nuance of cherry red indicates the power of fast transformation and the force of transfiguration.

Sagittarius corresponds to purple red and turquoise. Turquoise is euphoric and calming, and purple red is a color that helps overcoming inferiority complexes.

Capricorn corresponds to dark green. This color indicates stability, individualism, peace, tendency for solitude.

Aquarius corresponds to indigo, a color of superior intuition, of the love for truth and of practical intelligence. The spontaneous preference for indigo shows the rebellion against the ordinary.

Pisces corresponds to violet, a color of detachment, spiritual intuitions and innocence. This color also shows the tendency towards embracing and expanding.

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