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Canada’s UFOs: The Search for the Unknown

by Crystal - Sunday 21 November 2010 - 1454 letture


The Library and Archives Canada collection of government records on UFOs was acquired from the following four federal departments and agencies:

* Department of National Defence * Department of Transport * National Research Council * Royal Canadian Mounted Police

These documents were accumulated between 1947 and the early 1980s and represent all records filed with the federal government on UFOs. There are approximately 9,500 digitized documents in a variety of formats, including correspondence, reports, memos and procedures. Some are specifically concerned with particular UFO sightings, while others are more generic in nature; these may consist of reporting forms and procedures for recording events.

Although most documents contain a date (pertaining either to a sighting date or the date the document was actually created), some are undated. Similarly, approximately half of the documents refer to a specific UFO sighting location, while the others fail to mention a particular location.

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