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BELARUS: Country Is Large But There’s No Place To Hide

Uladzimir Khalip 25.04.2024, 15:40 16,518

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The inauguration day of the Putin team was unsuccessfully chosen.

It promises nothing good. Of course, it is in the best traditions of the East to take office magnificently and on a grand scale. And just a day later, on May 9, you can confidently go to the parade. And standing on Lenin’s mausoleum in an updated rank is cool.

After all, the fifth term in the leadership chair is not given to everyone. Anyway, this is an administrative phenomenon. And it should be celebrated magnificently and luxuriously. Against the background of the parade and in a rustle of banners. The burst is clear. But the calculation is not accurate. Moreover, the country is far from in the best shape. Someone is drowning, and somewhere is already burning noticeably. It is not for nothing that governors and mayors of many cities refused all parades and other events. It is dangerous and reckless to get large masses at such times together. What if something comes from somewhere!?.

Dark times are coming. Nothing good will come of it. April 20 is an ominous date for Russia. The worst. It was not for nothing that the propagandists so intrusively reminded the subjects of the popularly elected leader that on the same day an accursed corporal was born in Europe. According to their version, on such a day you should not leave the house at all. It is better to hide yourself and think about the main thing. Waiting out. At least in dreams of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

But the next day will certainly come that bright date when you can congratulate each other on the next anniversary of Ilyich’s birth. Without it, Russia could not have waited for the creation of the Cheka and its later variations. Many years later – the entry of the Chekist Putin into the position of total ruler. What would eventually happen to the country and its people? It’s scary to think!

However, you have to think. And, it seems, for all. Everyone in the Kremlin was just dumbfounded. How could it happen that on April 20, and even on Saturday, the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress suddenly voted to provide Ukraine with an aid package of $60.8 billion? Two days later, this law was supported by the senators.

This is no longer the case when inevitable bureaucratic delays come into force and slow down the implementation of the law. Senator Mark Warner, the Chair of the Intelligence Committee, was very specific in his speech: ATACMS missiles will be sent by the end of next week. He found it necessary to add by the way: "This should have happened six months ago. The next best time is right now.”

On the same day, President Biden also signed the law on military assistance to Ukraine. Addressing the American people, he then said, “I am convinced that the dispatch should begin immediately, literally in the next few hours.” All this should have happened six months ago. The course of the war, quite possibly, would have been quite different then. But it didn’t happen. These words, which everyone was waiting for, were not said. There were other words. In Ukraine – at the front and in its broken and burned cities. A few words about the need to save ammunition. I don’t need to say what it cost in the end. Everyone knows about it. Ever since that war, almost forgotten.

“Immediately, literally within the next few hours.” Whatever it was, it has already been said. It is also worth a lot. In any case, the arrogance of the conquerors will bring down a specific decision on the supply of means of retribution noticeably. It will make many people think. Because there, in the outback, it’s somehow complicated with this. No one wants to believe that the native and eternal power does not put them penniless. It will try to drive the masses of mobilized soldiers into the trenches at any cost.

It’s easy to find the plot of the Russian frontline life on Telegram, filmed by one of the participants in this skirmish somewhere in a dull forest near the frontline. An ordinary mobilized soldier in tame camouflage is worth it. Dense, strong, not young. He speaks about something. Obscene language of course, the phonogram is at maximum. And in front of him, apparently, some Kadyrovets or someone from other punishers. Because he has the authority. He has a weighty stick in his hands. Not some random bitch picked up at the place of deployment of a military unit by a canny serviceman. The stick was carefully processed and tested. He knocks the mobilized soldier down with a lightning strike.

The soldier tries to dodge, but the executor is merciless. He long and skillfully cudgels a man whom no one will even try to save. Because this is not a conflict between two mobilized people who did not share something. This is a Russian means of educating a soldier in war. Finally, the punished person stops trying to dodge the blows. Plunging his face into the ground, he dutifully waits for new atrocities. Don’t try to run away. He knows that he cannot hide from the feral power anywhere.

This horde is already heading west. So, can the world afford to allow such an army to walk around Europe? What, then, is our entire civilization worth, if no one even tries to find a board for one creep from the well-known gateway?

Ah, right! There are still negotiations. Here the contracting parties will gather somewhere in Istanbul or at another suitable point and discuss everything. And the suffering of the unfortunate mobilized soldier in the front-line forest will certainly be remembered. They will be silent. They’ll think about it. They will sign a fateful document. And someone will say to those who meet you at the airport: “I brought you peace!” It seems that all this has already happened.

Just remember what it all cost later.

Uladzimir Khalip, especially for

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