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Ready for the 2015-2016 Silent Retreat?

di Crystal - giovedì 29 ottobre 2015 - 5025 letture

Start the New Year in deep serenity and bliss!

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*Awaken your soul

*Go deep into your spiritual heart and its mysteries

*Discover your true essence and The Highest Immortal Self, ATMAN

Highlights specific for the Silent Retreat in Denmark:

Guided by Advaita Stoian, mentor and senior teacher of our school, with over 20 years of intensive practice, who through extensive experience of deep meditation and silent retreats has mastered the secrets of long meditations and gathered the understanding needed for guiding the students on the narrow path of meditation.

Here are some of its insights and gifts for the soul.

There will be:

*Exemplifications on different spiritual states offered by our spiritual guide Grieg

*Systematic explanations regarding the processes of entering into the meditative state

*Personal guidance, answers to significant questions written by the participants

*Inspiring lectures with profound insight into the meditative practice

*Inspiring materials for awakening the soul

*Sessions of Hatha Yoga

*Special spiritual activities kept together on the night of the new year and much more

Special price for participants outside Denmark: 270 Euro (230 Euro for students and unemployed). Sign up by 5th November and get 65 Euro reduction. Food and accommodation: 30 Euro/day. Join and sign up by the 5th of December.

Language: English

Venue: Paradise Retreat Center

Sign up here.

Read more on Advaita Stoian’s website

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