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  • [agosto-settembre 1998 / 46] Avanti c'è posto: lavoro che viene, lavoro che va...

  • [giugno-luglio 1998 / 45] Speciale: la Notte dei poeti di Mascalucia

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"In un paese di eroi, navigatori, poeti e santi, nel nostro vocabolario del terzo millennio andrà recuperato l'uso della parola libertà. Nuda. Senza suffissi ruffiani. Senza aliti di partito. Ognuno la declinerà con il proprio cuore e le proprie viscere. Per me, per esempio, libertà è mia figlia: che cresca in un paese non più assediato, non più ammalato. Senza bisogno di santi né di eroi".
(Claudio Fava)

"GirodiVite" in the Net is called GiroNet.Our address is http:\\www.ser-tel.it\girodivite\default.htm. In the Net you can find the articles published on the past issues of the magazine and those that we were not able to publish for lack of space. On issue n. 46 (September 1998) you can find articles concerning jobs, unemployement and the problem regarding the Social and Economic development of the South: an interview of Cettina Raudino on the so called "socially useful jobs"; an investigation conducted by the "New Founded Italian Communist" party on the large phenomenon of the jobs off the books in Catania; a conference held in Catania on work and on information. Our protest against the announced closure of one of the best musical shows held in Sicily, "Under the Volcano" in Scordia. An interview to Lucio Tomarchio, who is one of the managers of the magazine on the Net "Z". An article concerning the problem of dogs' abandonment during Summer and several reviews of books published by three new Sicilian editors: Agrapha, Accademia dei Palici, Edizioni Mercurio. Issue n° 45 has beeen dedicated to the "Night of poets", a demonstration held in Mascalucia which, this year as well, has presented some of the best Sicilian poets: you will find poetry written by Maria Attanasio, Salvo Basso, Carlo Muscetta, Sebastiano Burgaretta, Nino De Vita etc.
On issue n° 44 (May 1998): an article on the visit to the junior high school "Enrico Fermi", in Francofonte, of Luciano Violante, president of the House of the Parliamentary Representatives. The school, in 1996, had a fire caused by vandals; the national solidarity was mobilized because the authorities feared an attack coming from the Mafia. The Italian anti-Mafia association, "Libera", organized a work-camp, which means that a group of volunteer workers from all parts of Italy came to the school to begin to work on its restoration . GirodiVite along with the school's students and teachers participated, at the time, at the volunteer work-camp in the paintings of the walls and in cleaning off of all the signs of that violence. An experience that we have written about on the issue n° 41 of our magazine. This past Summer (1998) the school has organized a second work-camp and we have repeated the experience dedicating to it a series of pictures published on our n° 46 issue.
On issue n° 44 we have written about our participation to "Together for...", a demonstration organized by the associations of volunteer work in Lentini, the funds collected were all destined to the Childrens' Association, an organization which encourages the medical research against Leukemia. In the same issue we also speak of an initiative undertaken by the association Manitese (Catania) against waste and the illegal employement of children's labour. We publish a memorial entitled: "bye-bye Fulvia" in cooperation with the monthly magazine "la Luna" from Alessandria. Some articles of discussion are dedicated to two books, one concerning philosophy ("La morale del cavallo" by Ottavio Cappellani), and one concerning anarchy written by Maria Luisa Berneri.
On the issue n°43 (april 1998) we speak the women's movement in Algeria and of the theme federalism/localism. We signal out the column GiroMagazines, with reviews on the magazines: Città d'Utopia, OraLocale, Da qui, eupolis.
On the issue n° 42 (marzo 1998) we still talk about localism. A memorial for the 30th Anniversary of 1968. The problem of unemployment through an analysis fo the goverment's projects especially those called "contratti d'area" (contracts of zones). In "GiroVision" we have published reviews of videos, comic-strips, books and sounds: there is "Quattru Sbrizzi" in video, the 1997 poetic Observer. We have also opened a debate on Chiapas and of the kabbalah's religious idea regarding women.
In January 1998, GirodiVite published a special issue concerning the publication of Salvo Basso's book of Sicilian poetry (GirodiVite n°40). On that occasion some poems were also translated in English by the students of the "Moncada" High School in Carlentini. We have also published writings by: Silvana Pirruccello, Gabriella Canfarelli, Pina La Villa, Sebastiano Leotta and Michele Mangione.
On the Net you can also find the magazine "Risonanze" specialized in music which comes out every four months; "Città di Città" a magazine which concentrates its energy towards the historical Sicilian cities and which is particularly interested on the greatly debated theme concerning the so called local emerging phenomenon and the new autonomy of these cities.

Released: May, 1998. Last updating: September, 1998

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