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"Quattru sbirzzi" / A sudden pourin' rain

by Salvo Basso / translated by Silvana Pirruccello

I can create
- a poet? -
I took two words in my head:
I put them together
I liked it,
and the stream
No matter how
to finish the poem.
- I thought -
you can't tell
when a poem stops flowing
when it has to stop.

I dig in the paper
a bending blind road

I've been walking
for three hours
and stuck here
I've been.

I beg your pardon
I don't wanna tell you anything,
I provoked you a couple of times that's enough.

What I had to tell you
I told,
what I had to get from you
I got.

We've got
nothing to say to
each other.

we can
only look at
each other


Experence it?

Blank head
nothing inside
blank page
beautiful baby,
(never sunbathing).

It's gonna

I feel it in my shoes.

(Or it's me
pouring tears).

Jump on me.

Kill me
and kill me again.

Don't leave me alone
alone with the stupids
alone with the deads
don't leave me alone.

And I forget who I am
and what I did
this heart-quake
when how it happened
where I was
why didn't I run away?
why did I wait for
my heart to fall on me.
Fall on me,

It's october
who knows.

I know it's raining
it's raining hard,
and shortly before
it seemed a thin rain.
I am here,
sitting on the chair.

- to tell the thruth -
I'm writing to you
'cause I've nothing to do.

I write
of my ache/itching hands.

I asked you for an advise:
you gave me your life.

To die

Released: Jennuary, 1998

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