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Truth Has No Hidden Agenda

by Crystal - Tuesday 18 September 2012 - 2300 letture

By Advaita Mihai Stoian

Truth Seminar Does Not Compromise with the Truth

On Sunday, the 9th of September, the first edition of Truth Seminar was held in Copenhagen. Thinkers, researchers and whistle-blowers, who by virtue of their knowledge and experience of the current world situation, gathered to share their take on what is truly worth knowing about the world in which we live.

Truth Seminar gave room for ‘forbidden’ stories, and news and perspectives on our society and its history that are not restricted to a particular subject area, but rather dedicated to the study of the depth and value of Truth. It is an initiative of Concordia Esoteria, which seeks to shed light on some of life’s most important matters, such as: Where did we come from? What is the meaning of life? Is what we see in the media really true? What is right and wrong – and how do we learn to distinguish between them?

Truth Seminar looked past the dominant political, social and religious belief systems without preconceived ideas. It went beyond taboos and seeks to help life-enhancing projects within our community and stimulate positive innovation, research and insight. As Jidu Krishnamurti very concisely expressed the limitations of materialism: the problems of contemporary man are of a spiritual matter, and the solutions of the system lie within its depths.

This weekend’s lectures was of interest for anyone interested in getting closer to the Truth and in learning how to teach themselves to find the way to grow from a spiritual perspective. The speakers of this first edition were outstanding and prominent individuals who, through their research, understanding and personal experience are bringing important contributions to a deeper understanding of vital situations and topics in our society. In many ways, the consequences of their findings involve the restructuring of much of our understanding of the world as we know it today.

Truth Seminar featured Lloyd Pye, who talked about his research and the extraordinary evidence of a Star child’s skull. He also spoke about ‘The Intervention Theory’, the subject of his new book that brings evidence and facts of the development of life on this planet with ‘help’ from the outside – a more likely theory than Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Niels Harrit, former professor of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, gave a talk about what actually happened on the 11th of September 2001, and how the official explanation does not account for a number of obvious facts related to this disaster. His findings demolish the official version of the story and represent one of the most clear pieces of evidence of real involvement by the insiders in the 9/11 events. A real “the emperor is naked” kind of lecture!

Erling Haagensen spoke about his investigative work related to the famous round churches on Bornholm, (I personally visited these churches, together with many friends and students on the occasion of the Summer Solsticethis year – an amazing experience, to say the least), and the proof that this island was an important strategic base for the order of the Knights Templar about 1000 years ago, and of the fact that the churches’ positions follow interesting geometrical and astronomical lines.

Making up more of our daily life than we are ready to admit, the internet is spreading its influence throughout our entire civilization, leaving almost no corner of the world untouched. For this reason, this year my contribution to this event was the subject that inspired the book I just finished. What the book proposes is a daring peek “behind the scenes”, revealing the lies and tricks that lie beyond the main telecommunication technologies that populate today’s society, especially beyond the Internet, the technology which has now conquered most of the populations of developed countries. I am not against technology, but I am very much PRO awareness and righteousness with regards to the respect of our natural given rights and human common sense. Unfortunately we can see that these are becoming more and more forgotten through such intense ”support” of technology.

Demystifying Power Technology and Its Allegedly Positive Effects on Users

The effects of the internet upon our culture, and even upon the development of the individual, are starting to become evident for the ones who dare to acknowledge this, and they are far from what we were promised in the beginning as an innovative technology. The utopian attitude that we have towards technology today, and particularly towards the internet, is far from the capacity the human nature truly has for handling such situations. It is in this lack of human capacity and development that great danger lies… The process of implementing this Orwellian Utopia (as the“New World Order”) is already very advanced and its front runner is the World Wide Web. The reader will find in this book, from many perspectives and angles, and without preconceived ideas, a simple and lucid analysis of the internet and of technological advancement in general, from an integrated perspective. All facts and correlations are based on direct experience and are developed starting from the fundamental principles.

Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free … But First It Will Piss You Off

Believe (that which your government, newspaper, TV, and internet say) and do not search any further – this seems to be the message shouted at our civilization. Being overly concerned with material needs and that which we require for our bodily existence, we often and easily forget what our soul needs, and even about its existence. Although today we lead a more comfortable and ”simplified” life through technology, our relationships are often far from being harmonious and fulfilling. We have almost completely forgotten about generosity and love, and this inflicts real and deep wounds upon our inner structure.

For the ones who sincerely and quietly manage to observe it, current technology does not stimulate us to love each other more, although we are more in touch with one another, than in any other era of human development. Although at a first glance the gap between us seems to be largely reduced, in fact it is increased ever more through the development of technology; it actually does not build a bridge between people, but only enables us to communicate in a simplified way, deceiving us through the illusion of communication, communion, etc.

Slowly, but surely, people nowadays remain isolated and alone, sending each other emails from one office to another, even though they are right next door; communicating with their friends through social networks rather than meeting them, and this is still only part of the story.. The needs of our souls are being replaced with technology. Through technology and media manipulation, we get the most aggressive and dangerous form of storage – intellectual and emotional pollution.

The conclusions of the comprehensive analysis that I have made in this book appear, even to me now when I look back, mind blowing. They are the results of the revelations and insights I received ever since I started to write it, and it is through an impelling necessity I have felt to offer them to those who are looking for a deep understanding of what is going on with them and with the world today. One may say it is eye-opening, and will at least give certain new perspectives on the way we are using the internet today. There is no way we can ignore these facts without ignoring our own future. We should not forget that we are, indeed, building the future NOW!

The bottom line is that for those who are not really happy with what the mainstream news media says, and who wish to gain a deeper insight into the world and its agenda, Truth Seminar was focusing upon the major ongoing transformations in our world.

It was wonderful to meet these brave men and those who joined this cause of disclosing and gathering together for the sake of the Truth, in a sincere quest for real and lasting solutions.

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