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Three questions to Ms. Satu Hassi deputy at European Parliament for The Greens

The official statement of The Greens concerning the Summit of Copenhagen

by Emanuele G. - Tuesday 1 December 2009 - 1790 letture

I would have liked to do a more long interview with Ms. Hassi, but she was leaving Strasbourg for Copenhagen. That beacuse she is a member of the official delegation of the European Parliament sent in Copehagen to attend the Summit.

The interview was scheduled by a rapide correspondence during the morning of Friday. Therefore, I thank Ms. Hassi for her kindly attention to my request of interview.

I hope to achieve another interview with Ms. Hassi to discuss the operative results of the Summit.

What is the official statement of your group concerning the Summit of Copenhagen?

SH: The Greens want that the Summit takes a binding decision, containing all big issues of the next international climate treaty: e.g. emissions reduction targets for industrialised countries, measures of limiting emissions in at least major delevoping countries, financial help from industrialised countries to help the climate measures in developing countries, the ways to protect tropical forests. The ministers and leaders who gather in Copenhagen must take the big decisions and set a binding timetable. After that the civil servants can ranbslate this decision to the lagal paragraphs of the next binding global climate treaty.

Which are your propositions for a more healthy planet?

SH: We need to cut greenhouse gas emissions drastically and rapidly. The global emissions need to be turned down in less than 10 years, otherwise we loose the changes to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Luckily the necessary technology for emission reductions in the next decades already exists. already exists

How to change our behaviour to contribute to save the Earth?

SH: The most important issues an individual can do, are linked to the heating/cooling of the house, transport and food. Better thermal insulation of your house is one of the biggest climate measures an individual can take. Buiyng "green" electricity. Installing a more climate friendly heating system, e.g. solar thermal panels for heatin g your hot water. Choosing energy efficient alternatives always when you buy any device, lamp, fridge, computer, TV, washing machine. Favouring public transport and walking/biking when possible. If you need to use car, choose one with low fuel consumption, possibly even a hybrid or electric car. Eating local food and more vegetables, less meat. These are examples of issues you can do in your private life. But I sincerely hope that all people would think also, what they can do in their porofessional life. You can save energy in every office and firm, every school and hospital, too!

I thank you Ms. Hassi and we all hope the Summit of Copenhagen may represent the start up of a new world more concerned by enviromental issues.

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