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The power of love

by shivanataraja - Wednesday 31 December 2008 - 1715 letture

In Duke’s University files, a British institution specialized in research of parapsychological phenomenon, is mentioned an extremely interesting case. In a quiet afternoon of the year 1947, a young lady was in her boyfriend’s house in England. Her boyfriend, Allen, was in this time in Germany, because he was enrolled in the army. Suddenly, while she was chatting with Allen’s mom, Patricia became pale and exclaimed: “Oh, quick, hurry up! Something horrible will happen …. Allen is in a car, driving through the forest. Oh, I know so well this road, hurry up, I have to go there, I have to be there!” and the young lady jumped out of her chair, hopeless sawing the air; next moment she sat back saying: ” I’m sorry! I don’t know what happened to me…”

Few days later, she got a letter from her boyfriend, in which he was asking her insistently to tell him if she were in Germany two days ago and what clothes she wear. Patricia, calmly told him she was in England with his mom. After few days, she received a letter from Allen saying: “Two days ago I was in a jeep, on the road which you know very well because we covered it together many times. I wasn’t alone; next to me was the guy who was driving the car, and on the back seat were three people: two of my colleagues guarding a German prisoner. The one behind me was Gerry.

Our jeep was going behind a truck with a trailer, on the most timbered road section. Suddenly, when we was close to that truck trying to pass it, you came out from a foot path, from right side, and came in front pf our jeep waving your arms. The driver hit the brake. Everything was happening so fast, but Gerry and I recognized you before you disappear on the same foot path. He even exclaimed “look, is Patricia”. I said “Yes, you are right, but as far as I know, she is in England!” in the same moment, that very heavy trailer broke down and tilt over on the road. We realized it if our driver wouldn’t hit the break when he saw you, we could have been dead now.”

Duke University conduct a inquiry about this case. All of them were interrogated separately: Allen, Gerry, the third soldier and the prisoner. All of them made a very precise portrait describing the same clothes which she were wearing in the same afternoon in England, thousand miles away.

Well known parapsychologists (Myers, Charles Richet, Luisa E. Rhine) made a lot of researches regarding this phenomenon called “out of body”. There is even a tradition saying that certain persons (magicians, shamans) can divide themselves at their will, and this tradition played the most important factor in nations mentality during the centuries.

The scientists Gordon and Valentina Wasson have studied for weeks an Indian tribe from south Mexico. They observed that the shaman of the tribe is capable to describe, while he is in trance, events happening miles away from them. The scientists wanted to be sure that the shaman is not cheating them, so they asked him to describe what was doing their son in USA, what clothes his wearing, etc. Then they contacted him and checked, and surprisingly everything the shaman said was correct.

But these powers are not common only for a shaman. After doing a lot of researches doctor Puharich is absolutely convinced this “out of the body” experience is a part of every human being. This kind of experiences are proving the existence of ethereal body and astral body as well as other possibilities which we don’t even imagine.

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