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SPECIAL ARMENIAN GENOCIDE: Observation on Reconciliation: Turkish society changing as government position doesn’t

GOHAR ABRAHAMYAN - ArmeniaNow reporter

Genocide | 23.04.15 | 14:03

Courtesy of Stepan Grigoryan (ACGRC)

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Armenian and Turkish political analysts write that positive change has occurred in Armenian-Turkish relations among members of society, but that a solution to the larger questions of friendly relations can be reached only through face-to-face dialogue of the two governments.

On Thursday in Armenia at a discussion themed “Obstacles and necessary developments of the regulation of Armenia-Turkey relation in the period following the Centennial” noted writer and professor of political science Chengez Akhtar said that the Turkish society is not united any longer, it is dissolved and there are groups whose opinion does not coincide with the official position of Turkey.

“One of the most important developments for the Turkish society is the restoration of the memory of the Armenian Genocide. The Turkish society does not agree with the government’s opinion that there was no genocide. In Anatolia the Genocide is considered the loss of intellectuals,” Akhtar said.

Caucasus institute director, political analyst Alexander Iskandaryan concurred.

“Only 10 years ago those who spoke like Chengez would either be exiled or sitting in prison. When I met Hrant Dink (Armenian journalist assassinated in Turkey), he did not even have a document, neither a capability to come to Armenia. Turkey changes in a very dynamic way. What people see from Armenia is Ankara and their government. The problem Armenians see with Turkey has one name – Erdoghan, Davutoglu, Ankara,” Iskandaryan said. He added that sooner or later the border with Turkey will open, and Turkey will recognize the Genocide, however, according to the political analyst, the Armenian government is not yet ready for the events that will come following Turkey’s recognition of the Genocide.

The head of the Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation, political analyst Stepan Grigoryan is sure that Armenia and Turkey must solve their problems through a direct dialogue.

“Through other countries we try to make Turkey recognize the Genocide. We came to this platform first of all by the policy led by Turkey. Turkey did not adopt our protocols; it continued keeping the border closed, it continues the denial policy. There is only one path – this issue must be solved though a face-to-face dialogue,” Grigoryan said.


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