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Power of Attraction Weekend – 19th and 20th of September 2015

di Crystal - giovedì 16 luglio 2015 - 4298 letture

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Reignite the magic in your relationship
 Attract your ideal couple
 Increase attraction & intimacy within yourself

Join this weekend workshop with Advaita and Adina Stoian!

Who doesn’t enjoy the intensity and magic that we feel in the beginning of a new relationship? Who wouldn’t want to make this experience last as long and as deep as we can?

A common belief is that the attraction that appears between a man and a woman is destined to fade with time – but this is not true! The Power of Attraction is all about the energy which is generated between the two poles of the Masculine and the Feminine. It is an art that can be cultivated, practiced, deepened and mastered.

In the Power of Attraction Weekend, you will learn how to cultivate attraction, which creates the ineffable energy between a man and a woman, as well as harnessing this skill in other domains of your life.

Is this for you? If you do not have a lover, it will prepare you to attract in your life a great love relationship! If you are already in a relationship, it will allow you to reawaken the spark and deepen the attraction and intimacy, as well as open to new horizons. This workshop aims to teach you the keys to achieve a love that grows without end, a joy that has no boundaries, a life of intensity and happiness.

You will be able to learn: • To awaken your masculine/feminine vital force (separate group work for men and women) • The magic power of sexual polarity • Games of attraction and spontaneous playfulness, which can be practiced at home • How to become attractive and to attract the right things in your life • Special tantric exercises to cultivate and master the polar interaction of the Masculine and Feminine Energies • Power Polarity Yoga – A revolutionary form of yoga practiced in pairs, enhancing attraction in the couple • How to charge the battery of power in your relationship. • Why the masculine seeks freedom and the feminine seeks love • To engage your energetic capacities in a manner that opens yourself and others more fully

The Power of Attraction Weekend is kept by Advaita and Adina, being in a tantric relationship for more than 20 years keeping the flame of attraction alive and falling in love with each other again and again.

Advaita and Adina have developed the knowledge support for the Power of Attraction by applying the ancient tantric teachings in their love relationship. They are forerunners in the spiritual sexual revolution of our time – together helping people both individually and collectively through consciously replacing taboos with knowledge.

Advaita is the author of The Tantra Intensive Course which is now being taught on every continent of the planet. Adina is an expert teacher of Kashmir Shivaism and a guide for many women groups. Together they have kept countless courses and intensive retreats of Tantra world-wide, and embody Tantra in their everyday life.

In this weekend they will share their experiences, not only in theoretical terms but also using many examples from their own daily life. Sign up at pay at the Tantra Festival and get 25% reduction!!! We welcome both men and women, singles and couples.

Price: 2.000 DKK or 3.500DKK per couple Venue: NATHA YOGACENTER Nordre Fasanvej 230, København N 2200.

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Read more on Advaita Stoian’s website

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