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POLAND: EU Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

PISM, 17 March 2020
di Emanuele G. - mercoledì 18 marzo 2020 - 426 letture

The Polish Institute of International Affairs presents the next issue of the PISM Bulletin: EU Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic by Jolanta Szymańska and Melchior Szczepanik.

Differences in Member States’ approach to the coronavirus pandemic have led to misunderstandings between them, making it more difficult to counteract the spread of the disease in Europe. Although the Union’s competences in public health are limited, EU institutions are supporting the Member States in the fight against the pandemic and encouraging greater coordination. The need to deal with the pandemic will not only affect the European Commission’s work but it will also have an impact on the shape of the multiannual budget for 2021–2027, the development of EU sectoral policies, as well as the schedule of the Conference on the Future of the EU.


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