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Let’s Set the Record Straight: It’s Tantric Lovemaking!

by Crystal - Friday 24 May 2013 - 2345 letture

by Advaita Mihai Stoian

Mesmerized, I am watching the burlesque, almost medieval, show of the Danish media that debates the “sex sect” Natha Yogacenter. As much of what is being said is directed towards me, it is time to set the record straight once and for all! I am accused of being a mastermind of criminal activities and a figure of immorality but without being asked what is happening. For all of you who also have a feeling that the media is not presenting things in a fair way this article can clarify a lot of things. For the ones that are only looking for sensationalism this is a party breaker, it is removing the exciting gossip with the sober face of reality.

What is with the sex accusation?

In some newspapers and TV shows Natha Yogacenter has been depicted as a sex organization (even a sex-sect). And I was portrayed as the number one porn actor of MISA (the Romanian sister organization of Natha). As a tantra teacher and practitioner I can see where the confusion can appear for the last statement. Tantra is the spiritual science that gives each aspect of life the proper attention, including sexuality, but to say that the whole school is only about sexuality is a grotesque exaggeration that I cannot agree with. If tantra is including sexuality on its list of methods for spiritualizing the daily life this is not a reason to consider that a school that is teaching tantra is a sex organization. Especially not here in Denmark.

Isn’t this the country that started the sexual revolution in the ’60s? The country, yes, but maybe the wrong generation? It seems that this is the generation that will praise the kids’ star (Bubber) that participates to an S&M session but is horrified by a tantra teacher who believes lovemaking can be sublime and dare to show it.

For the record let’s set some things straight: I strongly believe (and I have the proper experience to prove it) that lovemaking can be sublime and can aid (but not replace) the spiritual evolution.

I believe that people can become free of their sexual obsession not by repressing it but by learning how to uplift it to another level of experience. I believe (and I experience this) that with proper knowledge man can share the multi-orgasmic capacity of the woman to their mutual benefit. I believe that lovemaking is given to the human being as an expression of the love we have in our heart.

On the issue of sexuality this is what I believe! However, my interests in life are diverse and vast, reaching far beyond the sexual level. I am educated in nuclear physics and worked as a scientific researcher in the field of artificial intelligence. The scientific spirit is still very much a part of me and I apply this also in approach to the Tantric path. It is with this desire for experimentation and firsthand personal experience that I came upon a very interesting possibility – to explore the world of tantric lovemaking in a practical way and to be able to share this openly with others.

Based on my beliefs about lovemaking (exposed above), and on my direct experience, I have participated in (and initiated) a project where, together with some friends, we aimed to build a different image of lovemaking. In this new view, which corresponds to the tantric teachings, the control of the sexual energies allows the lovers to develop their feelings in an ever-expanding union. It was the intention of sharing that drove this project from the very beginning. What we have discovered by practicing the tantric teachings the way the great tantric initiate Gregorian Bivolaru teaches them is so revolutionary and life changing that we wanted to share this with everyone. Gregorian Bivolaru, also known as Grieg, is the founder of MISA yoga school and my spiritual guide.

I could see so many amazing implications from understanding these tantric teachings and applying them in the daily life that sharing was the natural choice for me. And to this day I am consistent to this idea, practicing, teaching and writing tantra.

This movie project was a youth dream that we pursued just as others are starting a rock band or go for a sailing trip around the world. We dared to expose what we had been experiencing in our intimacy without being afraid of being misjudged. I was aware that these tantric teachings that Grieg offers to the world are revolutionary in many ways, and therefore they carry the great risk of being met with resistance in the beginning. But wasn’t it in Denmark where almost half a century ago some brave people dared to break the patterns and to contribute to the elimination of some of the taboos on this subject. I still hope that there are people in our generation that inherited the “revolution gene” from our parent’s generation and that will understand our attempt.

We wanted to stay away from the documentary style and make movies that are more artistic, daring to explore intimacy in a profound way. On purpose we chose to show more explicit lovemaking in order to suggest the right attitude to the viewers. Instead of awakening primary lower instincts, we intended to depict genuine beautiful feelings that are expressed through intimacy and lovemaking.

They are not porn movies; they are movies about Tantric lovemaking I strongly disagree with the stamp that what we are doing is pornography. In fact what it is is a new idea about representing intimacy and eroticism that carries a message not only explicitly (by the teachings suggested) but also implicitly. The people involved in these movies were having real relationships, they were really living in the way it was shown in the movie so that the viewer would have the chance to learn the right attitude and position themselves from the right perspective regarding this experience. Filming these movies was in itself an amazing experience for the whole team.

The tantric lovemaking that is presented in these movies is based upon some fundamental ideas that make it completely different from pornography. I know that for a mediocre journalist, that doesn’t have the inspiration to say something profound and interesting in the same time, sex and pornography are an easy solution instead of tantric lovemaking. What would be the exciting news in saying that a tantra teacher is making some tantric lovemaking movies? It would only be advertising and would not have the desired damaging and scandalous effect.

For those who are open-minded and are not looking only for sensationalism, here are some of these characteristics of movies about tantric lovemaking: Tantric lovemaking movies are based on LOVE and therefore always follow the ways of the heart. All people involved have a deep love relationship and they only display what they really feel to openly share with the others. In pornography there is a professional approach in which intimacy is reduced to sex. Actors are partners and not lovers in the profound sense.

Tantric lovemaking movies are motivated by the magic of sharing and giving from the wonderful richness of their relationship to all the others. The material gain is not an issue. In pornography the only motivation is money and personal interests.

Tantric lovemaking movies suggest (due to the states that the people in the movie are having) an elevated passion, that is not instinctual but rather uplifting. Pornography stirs the inferior instincts and a cold approach towards each other.

Tantric lovemaking movies do not show sex but lovemaking and always contain explicit and implicit lessons about lovemaking with perfect lucidity, love and control of the sexual energy. In pornography we see sex (mostly without love) and it contains no ideas or lessons about lovemaking or intimacy.

Tantric lovemaking movies promote a new way of living out intimacy that is enriching the life of the one that is practicing it. Even just watching such a movie will give something to the viewer that is uplifted. Pornography is only reducing everything to the instincts and lessens the intimacy. The viewer is lowered.

The alleged involvement of the yoga school

MISA and Natha were never involved in this tantric movie project, and they have never had any financial or administrative ties to this. And the fact that my personal choice to experiment with tantra will affect my work in the yoga school is a discrimination that is strange, especially in the Danish context. It is a violation of my freedom to choose and shows ill-intention behind the scenes.

It is true that some of the people close to me (some even from the yoga school, but not only) wanted to join me in this project, but it was because they shared the same beliefs with me. And they were free as I was. This, however, never involved any presentation or act of persuasion within the yoga school, not even in the tantra classes that I am teaching. Being a private project, the participants joined in based on their freewill.

To accuse Natha of being involved in porn movies of any kind is like accusing Enrico Fermi (the physicist who developed the first nuclear reactor) for the fabrication of the atomic bomb. The tantric teachings are indeed giving me the possibilities to experience all the marvels of refined intimacy when love becomes lovemaking. But the school that is teaching them is by no means involved in this private project.

As for Grieg, he was not involved in any way more than being my mentor and teacher. He never even talked with me details about this project, nor was he in any contact with it.

The members of a karate club often work as bodyguards for different companies, but this doesn’t mean that the karate club is responsible for all the fights that might take place in the night clubs between the bodyguards trained by the karate club.

Follow the money

In all the accusations the journalist invariably ends with insinuations about the huge amount of money we have made. In a way this is understandable since this is the only motivation that drives the sex industry. There is big money involved and when you want to find some crimes one of the infallible methods is to “follow the money”. But in this case the journalist failed to do this, stricken by a strange case of professional amnesia.

In this project of tantric lovemaking movies that I started it was never about the money. This can be easily proven by the contracts with the distribution company BN Agentur from Denmark that paid less for these movies than it cost for the trips for the team to make them. To make money from this product would have involved compromising the ideal in order to make it sellable on the sex market. And this was not acceptable for us.

Then, if it was not pornography and there was no profit involved, why all the accusations? Are they not discrimination? A violation of my freedom to choose to believe and live the way I consider fit?

Or is there something else on the agenda at the root of all these accusations, putting a bad light on the school by using me and my choices as an excuse? It is becoming increasingly clearer now that a hidden agenda exists and these accusations, as politically incorrect as they are, are serving its goals. About this I will talk later…

Why in Denmark?

I have been asked by some people how come I ended up working with Danish porn movie producer and distributor BN Agentur, owned by Barny Nygaard?

When we started this project we didn’t think of any administrative and selling part. Only when we finished did we start to look for people that are interested to share these ideas. I was talking with many big companies and nobody wanted to risk being part of bringing out something new and revolutionary. And this is when I came to Denmark to talk with Barny. He was very enthusiastic from the first talk and said he will take the risk to invest into this project, to promote another kind of eroticism that is based upon tantric teachings. They were the only ones open and willing to take the risk to try distributing such new perspectives on a market that is very well structured around the idea of instinctual sexuality.

How about Sublime Erotica?

In the end of 2002 I was asked to come to Denmark to help Natha Yogacenter with the teachings. Coming to Denmark and starting to teach in Natha, there were some students that were inspired by this tantric lovemaking movie project. A student in one of my tantra classes was Canadian born movie director Jean Baptiste Miro. We privately talked about this project and I told him about all the ideas that were animating it. He was very enthusiastic and started his own company Sublime Erotica in order to attempt a continuation of my project. In this attempt he was joined by some colleagues from his class and also one or two tantra teachers from the school. Yet this was the only connection that existed between me and this project – as an inspiration and being the tantra teacher of some of the participants. They developed it on their own and in ways that are not connected more with the school or with me. See here a comprehensive interview with the director and owner of Sublime Erotica, Jean Baptiste Miro.

Read on : Interview with the director of Sublime Erotica Interview with the director of Sublime Erotica – part 2


All we did was to have a dream and to live up to it. Why is our dream less valid than the dream of Alex de Renzy whose film “Pornography in Denmark” kickstarted the sexual revolution in the ’60 in Denmark? Since when have we become so afraid of people that are courageously experiencing some ways that seem out of reach? Are you not curious about the findings that we have? What if we were right? What if one can truly transform their lovemaking into an exceptional life experience that will completely fulfill both lovers to an extent that was never met before? What if men can truly and immediately share the multi-orgasmic capacity of women? What if this new way of being intimate and making love is much more fulfilling than mere sex from all perspectives once you know how to do it? Wouldn’t that be something? If Denmark once started the sexual revolution, is it not time for the Tantric revolution to also appear in Denmark? I believe it is not a coincidence that I write these things here in Denmark, nor is it a mistake that there is a spark of debate and interest here and now.

I understand that all generations dream of having their revolution they can participate in and I believe that our generation can bring to the world – among other things – this revolutionary way of being intimate with each other and of making love instead of only having sex. And this can begin in Denmark! Now it is up to you …

I encourage those of you who have an opinion on this subject to leave a comment. If you want to take it even further you could also write to the newspapers or to Bubber’s show and let them know your opinion on this subject.

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