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LITHUANIA: The President expressed support to the EFP battle group facing COVID-19

Press release of 27 March 2020
di Emanuele G. - lunedì 30 marzo 2020 - 468 letture

On Friday, President Gitanas Nausėda and the commanders of NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP) battalion battle group deployed in Rukla discussed the situation due to coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and measures to tackle it.

“The pandemic had a painful impact on the people of Lithuania as well as many public institutions. Unfortunately, it also affected the EFP troops deployed in Lithuania. I want to express my support and urge them to maintain their fighting spirit”, the President said highlighting that maintaining proper training and the necessary level of readiness of the armed forces was highly important at this moment of crisis.

“External threats persist therefore we must stay alert and be prepared to respond any emerging challenges”, said the President. According to Gitanas Nausėda, Lithuania highly valued EFP forces deployed in the country because they stood as a clear sign of the allied commitment to the collective security of the Baltic States.

“Ability to act together during the times of peace or fight aggression when needed, as well as show solidarity and support for one another in an emergency, is the essence of NATO”, the President said to the commanders of the EFP battle group represented by German, Dutch, Norwegian, Croatian, Czech and Belgian officers.

Asking to send his best wishes to all NATO troops currently deployed in Lithuania the President added: “Good health and preparedness of soldiers is very important and you will get all the necessary support.”

25 troops were infected as a result of COVID-19 outbreak in the EFP battle group in Rukla. Other soldiers are currently quarantined in the barracks. No other confirmed cases of foreign and rotation force troops deployed in Lithuania have been identified and the situation remains stable.

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