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Judas Heritage – An Essay on The Modern Science and Its Choices

by Crystal - Thursday 20 June 2013 - 2859 letture

By Advaita Mihai Stoian

Judas – A Sin of Pride

“Science may eventually explain the world of How. The ultimate world of Why may remain for contemplation, philosophy, religion.” (Liberty Hyde Bailey)

What was the lesson that Judas was teaching to humanity? What we can learn from Judas episode in the big drama of human history? These are questions that many people pose to themselves while reading the dramatic events described in the bible’s NEW TESTAMENT. Judas was the disciple of Jesus that was giving away the Savior to authorities for a sum of money. This is how the story appears to us at the first sight. Of course, the situation has to be seen also from Judas’ perspective, but will the situation be different even then? Is there any perspective from which we can agree to what Judas did? Can we find a spiritual perspective that will excuse Judas and will explain what he did in such way that we can accept it? Intuitively, everybody will tend to say that the answer is NO. There is no possibility to find a correct angle from which the betrayal is not a betrayal and Judas was a saint that did the right think in the right moment. Still, if we want to learn this lesson, we should understand the reason for which Judas did what he was doing. Was he doing it on purpose, completely aware of the disastrous consequences of his act? In this case, he must have been a sadistic and cynical traitor, perhaps infiltrated into Jesus’ group to act as such at the right time. But if he was not a cynical traitor than what was Judas’ guilt?

From a certain perspective, we can say that Judas’ mistake was to think without common sense, it was the first famous documented case of mind without consciousness. After that, the consciousness-less mind became more and more spread as a disease until today, when most of the people suffer of it, and that state of spirit became ”normal”. Judas didn’t betray Jesus because he was angry with Him or because they were fighting with each other. He didn’t do it for money or for gaining anything. Judas was thinking that he knows better than Jesus what is good and that he can take such an important decision without even asking. It was just the sin of pride. He was thinking that he is doing it for the good of all the others and also for the good of Jesus. Judas good intention is quite clear, but we should not forget that “the road to hell is paved with the best intentions”. Judas was not selling Jesus for the money he received. He was doing it because he thought that it is better like that and that he doesn’t has to ask Jesus’ opinion because he (Judas) knows better.

Some are saying that Judas was a tool of the Divine plan. But as we know, we are always free to choose to become the miserable tool of destiny or to be the reason why the destiny changed. Of course we don’t gain anything by blaming Judas and instead we should aim to understand his mistakes. the picture with a Judas as a traitor is as comfortable for the ego as the picture with Jesus as the Son of God, perfect and unreachable therefore leaving us with the conformable thought that we are not responsible so much of not being prefect ourselves. Yet, in reality, Judas was not a traitor in the sense we try to put it. In the terms of our days, we can say that Judas was just a smart guy, one that was considering himself high enough that he can judge by himself and even to take his own decisions upon others’ life. And there are so many like him today.

In the recently discovered text of “Judas Gospel” we have a confirmation of a completely different angle of Judas story. From the text we can see a Judas that was considering himself special and far above the level of the rest of disciples that he was considering quite “simple” and “uneducated”. But when asked by Judas about his destiny, Jesus is replying: “You will become the thirteenth, and you will be cursed by the other generations – and you will come to rule over them. In the last days they will curse your ascent to the “holy” generation.”In the biblical story there is a very interesting aspect that should give us some perspectives. In the night after Jesus is betrayed by Judas, the first among the apostles, Peter, is denying Jesus three times. Why his denial was not so much discussed into the Christian teachings as Judas’s? The main reason is that Judas betrayal is done with a totally different perspective than Peter’s denial. Judas was acting by himself while Peter was reacting to some situations, maybe not at the level expected from him. The example and the lesson that Peter is giving is that the aspirants might have their moments of hesitation on the path to perfection. But the example that Judas is giving to us is that when we start to think that we know better than our master, better than God, we expose ourselves and all the other to terrible consequences that we are not aware about. For this reason, Judas’ action is worst and his example more poisonous.

Judas was an important lesson not because he made a mistake; he is an important example because he represents all those who, by making a mistake, they believe they were doing the right thing. They cannot be stopped by anything till the end, when they also have a chance to see the mistake with all its consequences, unfortunately too late. These people are thinking more than perceiving or asking, and are trapped into the illusory cage of their mind; these people are worshiping their own intelligence only, and that is separated from the universal wisdom – not because it is meant to be like that, but because they choose to think separately. They are following the satanic message of Judas: I can do it with my mind better than God!

Lucifer was falling not because he was denying God, but because he was thinking that he can do at least the same as God was doing. From this perspective we can see the Judas message being same with Lucifer’s. Judas didn’t deny Jesus; he just thought that he knew better in some aspects. He just gave God a secondary position but didn’t exclude Him. And giving God a second place in life is one of the most common situations today. It is also true that to give God the first place in life is an adventure that goes many times through fanaticism, obscurantism, mass manipulation and many other things that have nothing to do with this spiritual perspective; but that is not the reason why we should just give God the second place in our life. Old texts of wisdom were saying: “giving God the second place in your life means giving Him no place”.

Judas’ Legacy Nowadays

If we take a closer look to the things that are happening today, we will be shocked to discover something: Judas’ example was copied many times and nowadays we are using this example at a very large scale, doing acts that are similar with the one Judas did. Most of the people today are giving God a secondary place in their life if giving any. The impression that we are alone and that we are doing everything by ourselves, isn’t that what many people are experiencing nowadays? The search for “independent” and “objective” thoughts and results, the more sober from any idea of God the better, are in fact Judas followers legacy, two millennium later.

The development of the scientific spirit nowadays shows many times the same attitude that we can call it the “arrogance of intelligence”. The arrogant scientist dares to deny what was previously stated, challenging everything just in order to, later on, come to the same conclusion, but after a lot of troubles and a very high price to pay. Was it not the science trying to explain that everything regarding our minds is happening only in our brains, and that nothing else exists – in order to later on gradually accept that there are lot of many other aspects involved, besides the physical brain that is forming what we usually call ”mind”? How many people were dying waiting for the scientists to rediscover what was stated long time ago, before the modern science appeared?

The modern medicine is a typical example of what we can call ”Judas descent” or ”heritage”. In many situations, the scientists were denying the evidence, refusing to seriously study aspects of reality that were getting out of their theory or didn’t fit with the “official” dogma. And they were doing this while being aware of what they were doing but…they were thinking that it was better like that.

The modern science is moving slowly and many times is only guessing its way, and the main reason for that situation is that the scientist is not anymore an initiated one, one that is himself on the path of perfection, having God as the Supreme Teacher. The modern scientist is in most of the cases an erudite that is thinking by himself and is not including God into his search, most of the time being as rigid in his scientific theory as the religious fanatic in his dogma. Of course, the erudite scientist that is reading the article here will deny already these statements because “there is no clear method” that can explain how one can include God into his scientific work. That is in fact a terrible lack of education, because the ancient spiritual systems, genuine initiating sciences were giving practical solutions in order for the initiate scientist to follow the path to perfection both outside and outside. But the modern scientists betrayed God! They were not denying Him, they were just giving Him a secondary place in their theories, research and also in their life. And they are not the only ones.

The politicians also betrayed God. Recently in the European Parliament was discussed if God should be mentioned in the European Constitution. Judas must have been very proud of such great disciples! The ones that denied the very essence of the Christianity by inventing the concept of “preemptive strikes” are the direct descents of Judas. Yet, from a certain perspective, the betrayal of scientists is the biggest hit, because they were the ones that were supposed to keep the flame of searching for the truth alive. But the ones that were inheriting the treasure of the alchemists became Judas ”nephews”, acting by their own thinking and selling God for a bunch of privileges. But the real characteristic of Judas heritage is the impression of being able to replace any higher authority in the universe, because we can think by our “own”.

The terrible impression that we are independent and that we can do our own destiny is what keeps us in ignorance, say the old texts of wisdom. With the attitude that we have many times nowadays, we turn to be more Judas followers than Jesus followers. Judas thought that he knows better than Jesus and acted as if Jesus was not there; we think that we know better than God and act as if God is not here. In its frenzy to permanently reaffirm its “freedom” and “objectivity”, science is going deeper into the Judas’ way.

The typical exponent of the Judas legacy member of nowadays is the “expert” or the specialist. An expert is “one who knows more and more things about less and less things”. From the “experts” hoards we have the brilliant servants of Judas legacy, the ones that have the impression that they can know something very well, ignoring anything else, and basically by ignoring the Unity they think they reach the knowledge of something particularly. Unfortunately, everything today depends on them: the international financial system, people’s life, wars and so on. Judas was an easy pray for the angry rabbi who wanted to stop Jesus because he was blinded by his arrogant intelligence. In the same way, the “experts” are used today in many situations just because they are the easy pray for those few, and using them for acknowledging different “expertly proven” lies.

The initiate scientist from the past was serving God and was aiming all the time to discover what is meant by God for human to know. Judas scientist excludes God from the Whole, trying to do everything by himself, to understand from a so called “objective perspective” and becoming immediately annoyed by any reference to God or any Supreme Power in the Universe. Permanently tormented by doubts and lost in an immensity that the more is researched the more is showing its infinity, caught between the anxiety of not understanding much and the daring attitude with shades of anarchism to question everything, the modern scientist is walking the path very slow, with an immense burden on the shoulders: Judas heritage. For this reason we can say that the destiny of the science as we know it today is similar to the destiny of Judas. But the spiritual science, the science of Unity and Wholeness is just about to be born as the sacred child in the “outskirts” of the big scientific citadels.

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