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Integration and Minority Information Service: newsletter of 11 February 2009

Human rights in Eastern Europe
by Emanuele G. - Wednesday 11 February 2009 - 740 letture

“All for Latvia!” promises to disturb celebrations on 9 May if anti-fascists disturb 16 March events

Newspapers report that leaders of the nationalistic party “All for Latvia!” stated that if so-called “anti-fascist” organisations will attempt to disturb procession of Latvian SS legionnaires on 16 March, members of “All for Latvia!” will disturb celebrations on 9 May (Victory Day). According to “All for Latvia!”, NGO “Motherland” and Latvian Anti-fascist Committee submitted application for their protest action on 16 March (unofficial commemoration day of Latvian Waffen SS legionnaires) near the Monument of Liberty and, therefore, “All for Latvia!” submitted application for its protest action on 9 May near the Monument for Liberators of Riga from German and Fascist Invaders. “All for Latvia!” will recall the application only if anti-fascists recall theirs. Chas, Vesti Segodnya, Telegraf, Latvijas Avize

Latvian Centre for Human Rights

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