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CLASH OF FORCES: Masonic and Communist Intrigues in Spain – An exceptional Jüri Lina Film

by Crystal - Tuesday 18 September 2012 - 2627 letture

By Advaita Mihai Stoian

”Speaking the Truth in Times of Universal Deceit Is a Revolutionary Act”- George Orwell

Jüri Lina was born in 1949 and grew up in Estonia, at that time occupied by the Soviet Union. He was banned from journalistic work in 1975 and then worked as a night watchman until he was forced to emigrate in 1979 after repeated conflicts with the political police, KGB. In 1985, political charges were leveled against Jüri Lina, in his absence, in occupied Estonia. He was accused of high treason in connection with the publication of two books – “Sovjet hotar Sverige” (“The USSR Threatens Sweden”) and “Öised päevad” (“Nightly Days”). The KGB regarded him as one of the most anti-communistic writers in Sweden. Ever since, he has continued his courageous inquiring and inspiring work, despite all the terrible threats he had received all this time.

We have personally met 7 years ago and i invited him to attend and speak up in Natha’s Summer International Retreat in Denmark and later to keep a lecture within International Yoga Summer Camp in Romania. He has gladly answered to both our invitations and was warmly welcome by the students, his information confirming many of the things that we had found already ourselves. We have kept a special relationship based on mutual respect and sympathy, for the disclosing work that we are both into and not only. He is a very kind, alert and dynamic person. I was pleasantly impressed to see that his views upon the events that are affecting the life of millions is a very objective and surprisingly rich in significance even from a spiritual perspective.

Like most of us, Jüri has met injustice in many situations in his life, finding the communist system as being incredibly inhumane and (unlike most of us..) wanted to find out the reason for this inhumanity. While his spiritual awakening started to develop, he kept his thirst for finding out the cause of such a false doctrine that we are continuously given throughout societies nowadays, even after the falling of communism in Europe. He is facing nowadays a lot of “discreet” resistance from the Swedish authorities, at least that part of them that are not happy with his disclosures.

”They say one thing and do something else entirely. Why? Who are these people? When I investigated this matter further, I found out that there was a common denominator. Firstly, the creation of communism was due to ‘secret’ freemasons, who were officially against the Freemasonry, but who belonged to different organizations/lodges. Secondly, they got help from abroad. I wanted to find out who it was, who gave them such assistance in connection with the rise of communism. I studied this more seriously and discovered that this organization calls itself a charitable organization. A spiritual organization, they claim, but which in reality is not spiritual, but actually combats spirituality (as seen in communism)! These things did not fit together. I have observed spiritual organizations, yoga groups and even participated in the underground movement during the Soviet era, where I discovered that spirituality was something entirely different . Therefore, I began researching the documents which revealed the true nature of this organization. It was a facade, this charity. They strive for money, power and position. They lack compassion, which is my main concern. Instead of helping us in our development, they attempt to stop it”, says Jüri Lina.

Jüri Lina has traveled the world to track down Masonic documents. For example, the records the Nazis took from the German and French scientists, which were brought by the Russians to Moscow at the end of the war. These documents relate to specific policy plans regarding “the brotherhoods” vision of the “United States of Europe”. In libraries and archives Lina has found letters and statements demonstrating how The French Revolution was planned, which in the Masonic lodges’ own journals is an event that is hailed as a great victory for the brotherhood. Jüri Lina has collected information and rare documents from many sources to create a record of the devastating influence and activities of the secret societies. He has revealed the connections between different concealed organizations and shows how these have affected history with the aid of puppets like Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Roosevelt or Truman (all high-ranking freemasons). He examines the magic rites of freemasonry and traces their origins. Yet he put in front of the reader all the facts that let you decide what you choose to believe. His most recent release is a DVD, a film called CLASH OF FORCES: Masonic and Communist Intrigues in Spain

Kraftmatningen – A Jüri Lina film

This film shows how the Freemasons and Communists joined forces to size political power in Spain in 1936 – the attempts leading to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. That part of history remains one of the most obscure and was covered by the outbreak of the WWII. Yet there were a lot of concealed maneuvers that the people in power in Europe were making, costing the life of many tens of thousand of innocent and maybe naive people that were believing the garbage that was served by both sides…. You will find previously unknown examples of communist terror in Spain. Franco was victorious in this clash of forces and Soviet Spain never materialized, despite Stalin’s engagement and enormous efforts. But today facing the truth become an act of courage nearing the courage of facing death. If you dare watch this almost 2 hrs breath-taking documentary with many correlations and evidences that are shading light upon one of the most obscure parts of the recent history.

Feel free to check here more about Jüri Lina’s work. You are welcome to contact him and order his DVD at

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