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Asgardia’s Birthday

Happy Founding Day from Dr Igor Ashurbeyli
by Redazione - Monday 12 October 2020 - 413 letture

Happy Founding Day from Dr Igor Ashurbeyli

Dear Asgardians!

Today we are celebrating a national holiday of Asgardia the Space Nation - our Birthday.

Exactly four years ago in Paris I had announced the creation of the First Space Nation in the World. There has never been an instance in history where a nation was created like this, from scratch, without even being tied to a piece of land. However, within a relatively short time the number of Asgardians has exceeded one million people from more than 200 Earthly countries. We now have our own territory in space - Asgardia-1 satellite, the Constitution has been adopted, national symbols have been approved and public management bodies have been established.

We were the first to create a global organized community operating beyond the Earth’s borders and geopolitical interests of individual countries, religions and races, fully focused on the idea of peaceful space exploration and ensuring the first human child being born in Space.

Now we need to create our own strong and transparent economic system that is resilient to external crises.

Asgardians, move over to your next level - become fully-fledged residents of Asgardia. Only this way you can fully participate in the political and economic life of our Nation; Vote for and be elected to Parliament, Government and other governing bodies of the Space nation; Become city mayors, official representatives of Asgardia in the districts, countries and continents of planet Earth as early as this year.

In this way you will help Asgardia to gain strength and influence in the world much faster and become a fully-fledged member of the United Nations.

Once again, my congratulations on the occasion of Asgardia’s Birthday!

I embrace all and each of you.

Head of Nation of Asgardia, Igor Ashurbeyli

Girodivite has been a citizen of Asgardia since its foundation. We thank the president of Asgardia and wish our fellow citizens of Asgardia our best wishes

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